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Advice for choosing your firm and insurance UCAS choices

Coming to university is a time of great excitement and also great apprehension. But you’ve done it, you’ve got your offers, now you need to decide where you want to make your firm and go to. But how do you go about it, and what is the best way to decide what is best for your future


Offer day

Most universities will offer you the opportunity to come to the university offer holders day. This is more specific than normal open days and is a great opportunity to get to know the university in a much better way. I know many people who loved a university and the course on paper, but the moment they visited were instantly put off and would hate being there. It can be logistically challenging, but actually stepping onto campus and immersing yourself in the university is the best way to truly know if it is for you.


Course website/structure

A big for many people is what you’ll study and how you study. For example, if you love Renaissance history and would consider learning Italian, Warwick history offers a Venice-Stream where you get to specialise in Renaissance history whilst also spending your third term in Venice itself as part of your course. This is the kind of thing which is specific, and every university has different ways of teaching and opportunities available. By looking online at the course website, you can see if it the kind of thing that you think you would enjoy. For example, some universities are very exam based, some are very coursework based, and you won’t know unless you check!


Look online

There are plenty of ways to get information from current students on what the university is like. OurWarwick is a great way for Warwick offer holders to do so, but there are plenty of student forums you can read and ask questions on if you want more specific information. I personally watched youtube videos from Warwick students vlogging their university experience to get an idea of what day to day life was like at uni.



Be smart

This is particularly true for insurance choices. There is little value in choosing two unis who offer the same grades. It is more tactical to choose an insurance of a lower grade offer, to give you some assurance that regardless of your grades you will get to go to uni. Don’t see insurance choices as your “if everything goes wrong” option. I know multiple people who went to their insurance choices and actually had an amazing time regardless, so it isn’t necessarily only a negative thing.


I hope this helps and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me as I am more than welcome to offer any advice I can!


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