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ADVENTURE 101: Day Trip Edition ☀

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I love adventures. For me, there’s nothing better than exploring a new place, meeting new people, and making memories. But sometimes, uni life takes over and you realise you haven’t left your room for anything other than classes or grocery shopping in two weeks. I get it, we’ve all been there. So, how can us busy students fit adventure into our timetables?  Lucky for you, I’ve made an easy, 5-step guide to going on the perfect day trip. 

(1) Find a free morning, afternoon, evening, or day.

This is probably the hardest task on the list. You’re probably looking at your calendar right now wondering when you could possibly get away from campus for some much needed you time. The great thing about adventuring is there is no time constraints – you can go for a week or you can go for a couple of hours! Whatever time you have, close Netflix and choose instead to go somewhere new. I promise it’ll be worth it. 


(2) Find a friend, or explore solo! 

Solo travel is an interesting concept. Some people think they could never go anywhere alone, it’s too scary or lonely or boring. Some people, myself included, genuinely enjoy spending a day completely alone every now and then. It’s peaceful and gives you so much time to think. So, either drag your best friend, partner, flatmate, sister, or dog along with you, or just run away all by yourself! (but tell someone you trust where you are going, just in case!) 


(3) Spend as little money on travel as possible. 

Travel can be expensive, there’s no doubt about it. I recently saw a video where a couple spent £100+ on Eurostar tickets for a ‘day trip’ to Paris. PARIS. Guys. Please don’t think that I am suggesting you take a several hour train to Paris. This is, unfortunately, just not possible for most students. So instead, here’s how I travel around the UK on a budget!

National Express – I seriously think coaches are under-appreciated. I bought a young persons coach-card (£12.50 for a year / £30 for three years) which gives me 1/3 off coach tickets with National Express. You’ll be honestly surprised how cheap travel can be using coaches. Thanks to coaches, I regularly get to go home to Milton Keynes to see my sister for around £10 return, or go to Cardiff to see my boyfriend for around £15 return. When you think about it, £15 is crazy affordable to get all the way to Cardiff (around 4 hours 15 mins) and back! 

Trains – I have less to say about trains because I don’t tend to take them. I suggest the app Trainline which I’m sure 99% of you already have, but also just bear in mind that off-peak returns are the cheapest possible way to travel by train; go somewhere early in the morning and come back later at night in order to avoid rush hour and expensive trips!


(4) Day Trip Bucket List!

So, it’s all good taking a coach or train to some brand new location, but now what? Here is a little bucket list of things I like to do when I go on a little day trip!

  • explore the tourist areas – every town or city has something or somewhere that it is ‘famous’ for so if you’re travelling to a new place, you might as well see what it has to offer!
  • explore the non-tourist areas – however, you don’t want to get lost in all the touristic aspects of the place. Try finding some ‘quirky’ places on Google, places that the locals would recommend, the real gems of the city!
  • go to an independent cafe / restaurant – of course, you can go to Starbucks, or Costa, or Nandos, or even McDonalds. But the problem is those chains are very similar across the country. Instead, see if you can find an independent cafe or restaurant to spend some time in – I promise it’ll give you a better insight into the city you’re visiting!
  • spend some time outside – if you’re lucky enough to be travelling on a day with good weather, spend some time in nature. Find a park bench, sit and read a book. Find a cafe with outdoor seating, enjoy your coffee whilst watching the hustle and bustle of the city and its people. However you do it, just try your best to stay outside for a while because, unfortunately, the walk from your accommodation / the bus stop to your lecture is not enough time outside to keep you feeling fresh, awake, and happy!
  • take photos – whether you post 3847 photos and boomerangs to your instagram story, or just take a few photos and keep them to yourself, make sure you take photos to act as lasting memories of your day! I love looking back on my photos and remembering how I felt in that exact moment. Also, since you’re in a brand-new place and will probably never see any of these people again, do all of the ‘awkward’ stuff that you usually avoid: take LOADS of selfies, prop your phone up and take photos for instagram! 


(5) Coming Home 

This is the least fun part. Get back on your coach, or train, and take the journey back home. However, it doesn’t have to be sad! Look through all the photos you took, call your friend, call your mum (I can’t stress this one enough!). Once you get home, sleep!


Day Trip Ideas from Coventry

• Leamington Spa / Warwick 

• Birmingham 

• Milton Keynes / Northampton 

• London

• Leicester

•  anywhere!


Safe travels! ♥

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything to do with law, specifically the route to the…
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