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Adjusting to home life

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As a follow up to my blog about moving back home, and some tips for moving out, I thought I’d discuss a little about how it feels to move back home after university for 10 months. It’s a very different life, I’ve found, from living with 5 friends and doing a lot together, to heading back home with my parents. 

I spent the last few weeks of term away from campus, working in London and then in Italy which meant that I did not move home straight away at the end of term. My original plan, as I am still working on campus, was to live in my university house until the end of July and then move out. This was cut short, however, by an injury which meant that I couldn’t walk the distance in to uni every day and had to rely on a lift from my parents (crutches and the walk from Canley did not match up well!)

I’m still working on campus which has definitely eased my transition back to home life, as I’m out of the house 5 days of the week at least. The biggest change would most likely be feeling the difference of not having a lot of friends close by – whilst my school friends are all a 20 minute drive, it doesn’t match up to the 3 minute walk to go see people around Warwick. Keeping in touch with them over Facebook and other social media has made it easier to deal with, but still presents a challenge alongside a busy summer. I’m working towards seeing some of them before I leave for Canada, while others I managed to see during graduation week, which has let me be able to say goodbye too – especially to the new graduates who’ll be moving away during the time I’m not around.

The other big change would be the difference in eating that I’ve noticed while at home. At uni, having complete control over my food shop was something I had gotten used to, as well as not having the strictest meal times. While this is still fairly flexible at home, I’ve really noticed the difference, as well as in the food I have been eating. Adapting to not cooking all my meals and having a different diet has been strange but I’m starting to bring my own cooking into the house too now. 

Overall, moving home has been fun but challenging, especially after living in a house this year. It’s been lovely seeing my family and pets again but I cannot wait to move out on my year abroad later in August – a new and exciting adventure awaits!

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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