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Adapting to campus withdrawal: A careful curation of non-generic tips (Part 2)

Hello and, if you’re coming straight from Part 1 of this post, welcome back! 

[In Part 1, I share some advice on how to adapt to “campus withdrawal” so, be sure to check that out as well, if you haven’t already!]

In this post, I plan to tackle some common concerns you’ve definitely had as the world virtualised overnight along with some possible solutions but… here’s a fun twist – they’re tailored to which kind of university student you are! (may or may not be inspired by the Buzzfeed Quizzes I find myself doing at 3 AM)

Make sure you read this post till the very end so you don’t miss out on the silver linings this virtualisation is creating.

So, let’s get right into it –


[creepy You vibes intended]

1The one who whispers into their neighbour’s ear to know what in the world the lecturer is talking about

Two words: Group. Chats.

I know group chat spams usually mean most of the group chats you’re a part of don’t escape the ‘Mute for 1 year’ button. But, trust me, these ones are going to have you setting specially identifiable notification sounds for them. Make a group chat for each module you have, even if it’s just 3 of your friends. This way, you always have people to e-whisper to until graduation does you guys apart (and maybe even post that!)

2The one whose voice can invariably be heard on lecture capture as the lecture ends and they simultaneously drown the lecturer in questions

Email them, attend office hours and schedule meetings over Teams

Even if you aren’t this kind of person on campus, try to email your professors and stay in touch with them more this year! In turn, it’ll help you stay in touch with the course, they could even offer some extra pieces of exclusive advice and if you manage to establish a good enough rapport, maybe they could even serve as your academic reference in the future

3The one whose laptop unfailingly has a (minimum of one) tab open with the desktop version of a social media platform (more likely than not also identifies with 1.)

Fight apps with apps: Download app blockers such as Cold Turkey and Freedom that force you to not use certain apps for time periods you can specify

Attending class from bed also probably means your streak snap will be your laptop screen featuring your ongoing class (if you’re still one of those people who maintain streaks, that is). Although this may increase your snap score, this is definitely not increasing your module score. So, install the apps or just keep your phone away from you. If you manage that, you’re also much less likely to open them up on your laptop. Trust me, it gets easier with practice!


4- The one who loves to work (and write blog posts) only past midnight

And finally, for us reverse Cindarellas, online learning can be perceived as a huge win! We get to schedule prerecorded lectures for that energy rush at 3 am and nothing can stop us! Other than if you have terriblel fate and have landed a 9 am cause nothing and noone gets past a 9 am.

5-The one who finds comfort in the veil of a screen

For those of us who would rather not be the Hermione Granger’s of the class, online learning wil help us be confident enough to contribute our invaluable thoughts in classes. This not only helps us but also offers more learning fodder to our colleagues.

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