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Accommodation in the University of Warwick

Today I am going to talk only about campus accommodation because it is actually the time to make your five choices. The information will be only applicable for 2018/2019 academic year and may be changed for the next years.

Firstly, even if you are not sure about your final exam results and it is still not clear in which university you are going to study, you can still apply for accommodation right now.

Why is it better to apply today?

Do not actually leave it for the last minute, because your first-/second-choice accommodation might already be full. In fact, you will know where you are going to live only in the end of August when the application for accommodation will be about to close.

Where to start?

First of all, decide if you do actually care about fees for accommodation because the price varies between £76-181 per week for the 2018/2019 academic year. If the price is not the major factor for you, obviously, Bluebell accommodation wins the race, because of the size of the rooms and kitchen, central locations and its novelty.

One really important thing is the duration (number of weeks) of the accommodation contract. There are three types, namely 35, 40 and 43 weeks. The problem with a 35-week accommodation (Arthur Vick, Jack Martin and partly Rootes) is that you have to remove your belongings from the room for Easter vacation. The contract also finishes at the beginning of summer. When you get into the accommodation with a 40-week contract, you can leave everything in your room during Easter vacation but still need to depart in early summer. The 43-week accommodation allows you to leave at the end of summer. The departure is always on Saturday before 10 am so make sure you leave before this time to allow the time to prepare the residences for temporary summer vacation, conference delegations etc.

Yu can make five accommodation choices BUT two of the have to be shared bathroom accommodations. While creating the list of residences you want to stay in, put your top choice as the first one and then the rest ones.

While choosing your top choices (I guess they will all be en-suite residences), take into account the location. However, despite being located on Central Campus, Arthur Vick has gas cooker which might be a disadvantage for some people. In comparison, Lakeside had a large bedroom but it is located a bit far from the Piazza (the central university spot). Talking about Westwood, it is the only accommodation located on Westwood campus (small part of the university which is 15-minute walk from the Piazza). I wouldn’t recommend choosing it even as the fifth choice. I should say that Rootes accommodation is the oldest, so try other shared-bathroom options.

Good luck with the rest of the exams. If you are already done with your exams, congrats with the beginning of summer holidays. See you on campus next academic year!

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