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Accommodation Decisions

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Almost as hard as picking the university itself, choosing the accommodation halls in which you hope to spend your first year can be a tough decision. Here’s a run down of the accommodations on campus and my personal opinions on them to help you decide.

  • Bluebell

Bluebell is the most expensive hall of residence on campus but also one of the only that will insure that you have a double bed. If a spacious room and private ensuite is what you are looking for then Bluebell is probably the best option. It has a good location near central campus and so is reasonably close to the piazza, lecture buildings and seminar classrooms. It also has a river and a green space out the back, which is a nice place to spend your evenings off university work. Bluebell also has rooms on the bottom floor of some of the buildings that can be rented out on some evenings to host parties for your friends.

  • Sherbourne

During my first year, I stayed in Sherbourne. I liked this accommodation because it had an ensuite bathroom and the rooms were a good size and very modern. It is slightly far from campus, but the new gym centre has been built nearby and so if you are interested in using the gym often, Sherbourne could be a good option.

  • Heronbank/Lakeside

Heronbank and Lakeside are both very similar halls. They are both situated towards Sherbourne, near the lake, and if you are in the Warwick Business School, these halls will be ideal. They are very similar in price and in amenities. The only difference is that Lakeside is one of the only accommodations I know that has a study room.

  • Rootes

This is one the more affordable accommodations but also potentially the hall with the best reviews. A lot of friends I have who stayed at Rootes in the first year loved living there, as it is super social, with there being no locks between flats in the same building, meaning that anyone can access parties or pre-drinks in that same block. This is different in some other halls, as a key fob is needed to access each individual flat, meaning that unless you know someone in that flat to let you in, you can’t gain access. Rootes is also the most central accommodation in my opinion. The only downside is that you have to share a kitchen and bathroom with a lot of people, and in the evenings, it can be quite loud.

  • Westwood

Westwood is probably the furthest away accommodation from campus, although none of the halls are particularly far. If you are interested in running or dancing, Westwood is a good accommodation for you, as it is close to the athletics track and the dance studio. It is also close to the Canon Park Tesco and offers a communal living space in the accommodation for the students.

  • Arthur Vick/Jack Martin

These halls are also very similar. The rooms are a good size and come with an ensuite bathroom and their location to central campus is good too. I think if you are unsure on a hall of residence, these two are a pretty safe choice.

  • Tocil/Claycroft

Tocil and Claycroft are good middle option halls. They personally don’t offer anything special, but also are not a bad choice at all. They have a good location between Canon Park Tesco and central campus, and if you have a lot of lectures in the Oculus, then these could be ideal.

  • Cryfield

Cryfield offers the standard hall, apartments or townhouses. The two latter options are the newest additions to Warwick campus and therefore are very modern. What is good about the townhouses is that the kitchen offers a sofa and so can be used as a more communal space, whereas other halls don’t offer this. Depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend and how much privacy/independence you want, the apartments could be a good option, essentially offering you a studio living arrangement.

  • Whitefields

Whitefields is the least expensive accommodation, but also has a very good location on campus. You will have to share a bathroom and kitchen with a lot of people, but this is also the easiest way to make friends.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Julia Tattersall | French and Economics Contact Julia
I am a proactive exec member for two societies on…
Find out more about me Contact Julia

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