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Accommodation at Warwick

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For 2017/18, IFP students, like me, were allocated to New Sherbourne. The rooms in New Sherbourne looked really new when I moved in and its really small and cosy with an en suite bathroom. Coming from a house where I had to constantly fight with my siblings to use the bathroom (especially in the mornings). Having an en suite bathroom is seriously convenient especially when you are running late in the morning. In the flat, there is also a kitchen which you would share with your flatmates and a laundry room conveniently located 1-2 minutes away.


Living in Sherbourne also means you get to meet with lots of people who also joined the IFP. Sherbourne has about 4 floors (including floor 0) of building and in each level, there are two flats. Each flat can have about 10 people living (your flatmates). These are the people which you would be sharing the kitchen with. It is also very useful to share a building with people taking the same course as you as it is convenient to do a group meeting for project works.


(The layout looks like this but my room has grey carpeting instead and the furniture beside the table is slightly different)

The kitchen would be cleaned about two times each week (in my case, its Monday and Thursday) but your flatmates and you are responsible for clearing the rubbish in the kitchen. For my flat, my flatmates set up a roster where different people clear the rubbish in the kitchen each week. Besides that, there would be cleaning services for your bathroom once a week, you are responsible for the cleanliness your own room.

For 2017/2018, the classes are mostly held in Westwood which is around 20 minutes of walking distance from Sherbourne. However, you can choose to take a shuttle bus to Westwood. You can check out the schedule for the shuttle bus here (Check Shuttle Bus B for Sherbourne):

There is also hotline available to contact your resident tutor if you need any help. Alternatively, if you have any problems with your accommodation, you can choose to submit a form online to tell them about the problem. The accommodation services are pretty efficient. One time my roommate flooded my carpet by accident and the lady came the next day to help me to vacuum the water out.

Living on the campus can be both fun and challenging at the same time. You have to learn to be responsible for everything – waking up on time, doing chores and cooking your own meals. I strongly recommend anyone to learn how to cook before living on their own, otherwise, you might end up eating takeout and microwave meals all the time. However, despite it being tiring, it is also a fun experience when your friends are just a few minutes away.

Since I have only lived in just one accommodation, I can only tell you my experience about it. But if you are interested about the rest, you can click the link below:

Pei Lim | Science and Engineering Contact Pei

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