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Accommodation at Warwick – Jack Martin, Leamington and Claycroft

My accommodation experience at Warwick has been really varied each year. As it is a campus university, you usually end up experiencing living on and off campus.

In my first year I lived in Jack Martin, which is known for being one of the only ‘more-centrally’ located accommodations with an ensuite. The other accommodations with ensuite bathrooms are situated slightly further out in Sherbourne and Westwood – but quite honestly, nothing is more than a 10/15 minute walk away max !

I think that due to Warwick’s layout, with everything being quite close together, anything that isn’t within the 5 minute mark radius can feel much further out than it actually is!

The best thing about living in Jack Martin was how nice and spacious the kitchens were. It was lovely to have our own bathrooms, but I think that I could easily make peace with sharing given the price difference. It was a nice number of people – around 13 in total – and it’s always a good way to get to know more people as a fresher. We would also socialise often with other kitchens, and sometimes ended up making really good friends with people we didn’t necessarily share a corridor with. It’s important not to overthink the accommodation block you’ll end up in because ultimately, there is so much opportunity to make friends. Even if in the unlikely scenario the people you lived with weren’t your cup of tea, the other kitchens and accommodations are so nearby that you will make your peace. I remember spending a lot of time at my friend’s accommodation in Claycroft because I loved spending time there too! It’s important not to stress about making your choice; just choose according to your needs facility and price-wise.

Everyone’s individual experience is different; and as long as you go in with the right mind-set, you’ll have a lot of fun! The resident tutors and accommodation advisors are also incredibly helpful, so if you did have any issues they would be more than willing to help you out.

If you want more information about accommodation costs and facilities, all the information can be found here:

In my second year I lived in a house with 7 other people in south Leamington. By the time you get to make your housing decisions, you’ll have a rough idea of where your other friends are likely to be living – whether that’s in Spa town Leamington, the very studenty city of Coventry or the residential area of Canley. Each have their own perks and not so perky aspects to them.

Leamington is a great place to be if you want a range of coffee shops, shops, bars and take out places. It is a bit more ‘up-market’ than Coventry but the cost of living can be a bit more expensive too. However, it is beautiful and near to the famous clubs of Smack and Neon – and if all your friends are nearby, it’s a great community to be part of. The cons? The bus commute can be very long in peak traffic times, and it’s expensive to get a bus pass (but this would be the same if you were living anywhere but a walking distance from Canley).

Coventry is a great place to live if you want to find slightly cheaper housing, and a slightly less busy bus route. It’s also got a big city centre with plenty of shops; and as it is home to Coventry University, there are plenty of student-friendly priced pubs and bars and take-aways too. Home to Kasbah and the infamous JJs, as well as a big shopping-centre and a picturesque ‘Old-Town’ area, don’t be deterred by the stereotypes – there are perks to living in Coventry too!

Canley is the safest option if you are not fussy and you want somewhere a) close by, b) slightly cheaper accommodation wise and c) outside of the student scene. It’s a popular choice for final year students who have already experienced living further out and don’t want to struggle through the commute each day. It’s usually easy to find people who are looking for extra housemates, so even if you were to make your decision later in the year, you’d be able to get by!

During my Year Abroad, I didn’t want the hassle of house hunting while I was away from the Warwick scene. As I result, I ended up applying for Claycroft with some friends – as you can get the choice to do this if you are a returning student.

Claycroft is great for the location – situated right near the Sports Centre and Maths building; it is a 5-10 minute walk away from the Library and Humanities, and also Tescos/Aldi! It is a semi-ensuite in that you only share a bathroom with one other person – essentially your ‘bathroom-mate’ – and the kitchens are shared between 10 people. I like it because we share the block with other 4 year students, and I know that each Claycroft block is usually sorted according to the year group. The resident tutors are extremely friendly and I’ve had a great time living there so far.


My main piece of advice, if you are living on campus, would be to find ways to keep yourself occupied in the evenings – to join societies and make friends with other people living on campus to avoid getting bored. I would also encourage trips into Coventry and Leamington – or even exploring other nearby places like Statford-Upon-Avon and the unknown to Warwick students Warwick town! It’s important to get space from the uni ‘bubble’, like anywhere, in order to come back and really appreciate it.

If you have any questions or concerns about living on or off campus please don’t hesitate to get in touch J

Thanks for reading!


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