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Accommodation Advice: “Don’t Cry in Cryfield”

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When I received my accommodation offer for Cryfield in first year, I worryingly asked a second-year friend at Warwick for his advice. I was told, in these exact words, “don’t cry in Cryfield”. Through talking to him and reading up student experiences online, I had a very grim picture of what was going to be my new home for a whole year.

I’m sure you’re all aware that Warwick on-campus accommodation is oversubscribed making it likely that you won’t get allocated your first choices. If you’ve chosen Bluebell but got allocated Whitefields (Not saying this will actually happen and also got nothing against Whitefields!), it’s very easy to feel disheartened.

But I’m here to tell you that honestly it does not matter where you stay. This is going to sound really clichéd but it’s the people that make the place so don’t give up hope so soon. As I was initially unhappy with my accommodation but eventually grew to love living there, I thought I’d blog about 5 great things about Cryfield!

When I was in my first year, Cryfield was the second cheapest accommodation per week and the cheapest accommodation overall as it was 30 week let. As an international student, I must admit this was kind of a nuisance. There was, thankfully, a trunk room in the halls where we could store our stuff in suitcases. Even though I went back home during the holidays, it is possible to pay extra to stay in halls during the Easter break. This is a really good option for you if you would like to save money as you only pay for the amount of time you’re going to be living in the halls. Besides, think of all the money you could save to go travelling: Europe > Bluebell luxury any day!

The biggest worry I had was about the shared bathrooms. As someone who loves my sleep, the thought of waking up earlier in the morning just for a shower did not sound like fun. The reality, however, is far from the truth. It’s not like school where everyone has the same schedule and will wake up at the same time. It is likely that your halls will have a mix of people doing different courses so everyone will have a different schedule not to mention that some might be morning showerers while others might be night showerers. Long story short, you most probably won’t end up waiting for long for a shower and if you do then you can always use the other showers on the same floor (I’ll take about this later, but Cryfield is pretty much one big community)

I know this sounds like something people say to console themselves when things go wrong but its honestly so true! As Cryfield is quite an old accommodation, needless to say some of the kitchen equipment might not be in the best of conditions. I remember that the exhaust wasn’t working when I was cooking something quite spicy back in first term and the result of that was a massive chain of coughing in the entire floor! Stuff like that just adds to your university experience and gives you a funny story to tell! #beingpositive

A distinctive feature of Cryfield, if you ask anyone that has been there, is the insanely narrow corridors. We were told that the hall was designed based on a Swedish women’s prison (Just to make you feel better, Scandinavian prisons are famous for being quite livable and not prison-like at all!). Far from being a nuisance, however, the narrow corridors just meant that it was hard to avoid people when walking to and from the kitchen or bathroom. We’d just end up having what we called “corridor parties” where we’d just stand along the corridor and chat for a bit. And because the walls were quite thin as well, other people would come out an join if they sensed a “corridor party”!

This brings me to my next point: living with more people increases your chances of making friends. Think about it this way, if you lived in one of the fancier halls like Bluebell you would only have a handful of people in your flat. This means that if you don’t get along with them you’d have lesser chances to venture outside your flat because of the high-tech security system in the fancier halls. With Cryfield, however, there were about 30 people on my floor split between two huge kitchens and it’s a lot less awkward to socialize with people on different floors. It’s simple probability, more people= more chances to make friends!

Simran Thakral | Politics with International Studies (PAIS) Contact Simran

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