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Academic Support – Health & Wellbeing

Academic  Support

What an amazing support, facilities and resources there are at Warwick University.     Please look at the Undergraduate Skill Programme (which will be updated nearer to the start of term). The University offers a wealth of opportunities to develop your skills while you are at University,  these workshops include critical thinking , speed reading, effective communications, critical writing,  preparing and delivering effective presentations and taking notes effectively to name but a few.    There are various on-line workshops in addition to class based workshops.


Warwick Library

Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic – what you would expect from a top 10 University. Please ensure you register for a Library Tour and a Library account. 

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Health & Wellbeing

Studying at Warwick can be an anxious time, however with the Wellbeing hub, they can look after you during your time at Warwick. The Hub is able to support you with   Wellbeing Support Services. They  provide a range of support to help you develop the personal resources and skills you need to navigate the challenges and opportunities of student life.  

They understand that any issue can affect your ability to study.

Asking for help shows insight and reflection. Whatever situation you are facing, the university encourages you to be pro-active about seeking support and advice, so that you can hopefully and  quickly get back on track.  The hub offers a range of specialist workshops on specific topics devised especially to meet the needs of Warwick students.  Workshops are facilitated by Counsellors and Wellbeing Advisors in collaboration.

Most workshops are up to 2 hours and are a mix of teaching-style input (to help you understand the issue) and strategies (ways to help you cope better with the issue)     In the same way that we all experience fluctuating physical health, any one of us can experience a mental health difficulty at any point in our lives. and whilst studying.

These difficulties may be short-lasting and resolve with lifestyle changes and support from friends and family. Students living with more enduring mental health difficulties are likely to require additional support, including reasonable adjustments to study. Whatever your need, the hub  is eager to ensure that students with mental health difficulties receive advice, information and support to facilitate academic work and participation in University life.

Full detail regarding the above together with information on healthy eating, active life style and the counselling service are  on the link below. 

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