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Academic Life #Warwick2017

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith
Hi everyone! Thought today that I would write a little bit about life at university, as everyone starts gearing up to get ready to move in. Congratulations to everyone who received their results yesterday, and we cannot wait to have you here at Warwick! The blog today is more about the academic life here at Warwick, with one to follow about social life and societies. Coming from school to university is a change from what you’re probably used to, as it was for me, but not to say that change means bad. The first thing I found out about academic life for me, was that it was completely upon me to attend everything. My degree does not have a lot of contact hours, about 9-11 for me per week, so I rarely had consecutive lectures like in school. This meant that time-tabling for me was something I had to learn, whether I had time to go back to halls between lectures, or what I would do instead. Quite often I would start an essay or piece of work in an hours break, and before I knew it I would have to be heading off due to having cut it a bit fine – although my time-keeping got better throughout the year! Lectures and seminars (I cannot talk about labs!) for me this year were timetabled either 1 or 2 hours, starting on the hour. Most lecturers gave a 5 minute leeway for students to arrive, and aimed to finish about 5 minute to, although that is not necessarily standard across the campus. I found each lecturer had a different style to adapt to, although this was not too much of a challenge. I very much enjoyed my lectures as it was a different way of learning but one that I found was easy to follow. Seminars were a lot like classroom lessons that I had at school. I found that we sat and discussed a lot, with varying amounts of structure depending on who led the seminar. It gave a chance to discuss more in depth although sometimes off topic too, and allowed more academic insight into the subject. Finally, the assessment methods used for my modules also varied. Some were almost completely exam based, some were essay only, and some involved a mix and added a presentation in. By the end of first year, I have realised that I have improved my public speaking a lot thanks to the presentations, as well as groupwork. I settled quite quickly into academic writing too, although help is available if this is something you think you would struggle with! I only had 3 exams this year and will most likely have fewer next year, but overall found them okay to revise for – although we were advised to do a lot of extra reading! I hope this has given you a little insight into what life at Warwick is like for academic purposes! Best wishes and thank you for reading! Meredith

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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