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A-Z Guide on Accommodation

Choosing your accommodation can be daunting. Warwick ask you for a number of suggestions as to what you might like to maximise the chance of you ending up in halls that tickle your fancy. To give you a hand, I’ve not only listed each accommodation with key details, but have given a quick and honest review. Of course, everyone’s taste is different but hopefully this will give you a bit of an insight. My pro tip when choosing where you’d like to live next year is to create a brief chart so you can easily compare prices, location and people per flat. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Arthur Vick

Being one of the fancier halls of residence, centrally located AV comes in at £174 per week. It is complete with an en suite and 14 students can share the kitchen. My friend gave AV a glowing review and it is handy for students who will be studying up Gibbet Hill as one can quickly access the path in Bluebell wood. Being a 35 week let, one must vacate their room during the Easter hols and at the start of summer.


With its sparkling lights and close proximity to the Copper Rooms, it is no surprise that Bluebell is the most expensive accommodation at £189 per week. With one shared room per flat, 9 students can share the kitchen but all rooms have an en suite bathroom. The beds are 3/4 so really rather large but although Bluebell is luxurious, other halls are equally comfortable. This particular accommodation has a 40 week let and is known for being very multicultural.


For those who enjoy a midnight snack, Claycroft is the one for you! Being the closest halls to Tesco, Claycroft is slightly further away from campus, but only just. The bathrooms are shared between two students and the kitchens, eight. Rent is a very reasonable £130 per week over the 40 week let. I personally love the little grassy area outside Claycroft. Although I didn’t utilise it this year, I reckon it would be perfect in summer for picnics!


Cryfield is slightly less pricy than the other accommodations at £92 per week. It is less than a 5 minute walk from central campus but very close to the bus stop.  The bathrooms are shared between 6 students whereas the kitchens are shared between 12. The let length is 40 weeks. From personal experience, many students aren’t sure where the Cryfield Village is so it can be a bit quiet, making it ideal for students who would rather work in peace or sit down in front of Netflix on a Saturday evening.


Situated in the Lakeside Village, Heronbank is slightly futher from central campus but very close to the Warwick Business School building. Rent is £148 per week and all rooms have an en suite. The kitchen is shared between 8 students and the surroundings are picturesque.

Jack Martin

Another accommodation with a 35 week let. Despite the potentially narrow corridors, JM is centrally located, very close to the path up to Gibbet Hill and the bathrooms are en suite. Rent is £171 per week and 13 students can share the kitchen.


Just like Heronbank, Lakeside is located within Lakeside Village. There is little difference between the two, as rent is £148, the let length is 40 weeks, 8 students share the kitchen and all the bathrooms are en suite. With such a beautiful view, what’s there not to like?


The party block. 19 students share the kitchen so neat freaks beware! Only 6 students share the bathrooms and the rent is £100 per week. Let lengths vary at 35 or 40 weeks. Very centrally located, the closest to the Copper Rooms.


Another halls of residence within Lakeside Village. Sherbourne ain’t shabby with its en suite bathroom. The kitchen is shared between 13 students but the rent is a very reasonable £163 per week. The let length is 40 weeks. One friend who lived in Bluebell admitted that she found the kitchens of Sherbourne to be superior to those of Bluebell, but that is of course down to personal taste.


Gym folk, this is for you. Centrally located, Tocil is the accommodation that is closest to the gym. The rent is £114 per week, the let length is 43 weeks, so handy for those of you who live further away and would rather stay on campus for as long as possible, and the bathrooms are shared between 4 students. The kitchen is shared between 12. Randomly, we’ve noticed there are always people throwing a lacrosse ball back and forth outside, so evidently this is the accommodation for sports addicts. It’s also right next to a great big grassy area which is filled in summer with people munching ice cream.


Online shoppers and bargain hunters will be huge fans of Westwood. Although they are the furthest from campus, these halls are the closest to Aldi, the closest to the Westwood sports centre, track and field and the post room is literally located in Westwood. There is a free shuttle bus that takes you to campus very frequently so you’ll have no excuse to miss your lectures, but maybe those of you who will be studying up at Gibbet may want to decide whether a closer option may suit you better. Rent costs £105 per week for 40 weeks. The bathrooms are shared between 6 students and the kitchen is shared with 17.


You cannot get more centrally located than Whitefields. This cheeky accommodation costs £75 per week (bargain!) so you can save and spend your money on more important things. The bathrooms are shared between 6 students whereas the kitchen is shared between 12. Cosy Whitefields is usually on the quieter side but it’s just a minute from the Copper Rooms so that’s no problem. The let length is 40 weeks.

So there’s my break down of the different halls of residence. If you have any questions or would like to hear more reviews, feel free to shoot me a message. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, I lived in Redfern throughout my first year but that has now been converted into some snazzy new accommodation!

  • PotentialStudent

    Hi! You mentioned the standard £92 per week cryfield halls but what about the cryfield townhouses and apartments? There’s very little information about them online but I found them the most appealing.


    • Jenny Down Biomedical Sciences

      Hello! At the time of writing, they hadn’t been built yet, but I can tell you the townhouses (£163/week) and the apartments (£170/week) are meant to be very snazzy. I remember chatting to my cleaner before they went up and she said they were meant to be the best – even better than Bluebell. Both of them have rooms with en suite, but the town house has 12 people per kitchen, whereas the apartments have 8. Other than that, I can’t really say, I’m afraid. All I know is they’re good.


  • NuggetQueen

    Hi, I was just wondering when we find out what accommodation we’ve gotten. Could you provide a rough estimate?


    • Jenny Down Biomedical Sciences

      Hi NuggetQueen! I received my accommodation offer on 5th September, so you should hopefully be receiving yours soon. Hope this helps. P.S: loving the name!


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