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A Year in the Life of a Society President

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

Today was the day of our society elections for The Writing Society, which meant that it was time for me to find out who would be the team taking over for next year. Although I still remain in my role as President until the end of term (which is now just two and a half weeks away), elections happen now so that the next team can get used to the idea of their new roles and begin the handover period, ready for them to take the reins in term 3.

This time last year I was going through the same process, but I was gearing up to become President after a year as Secretary. This year, I’m graduating, which means no more exec positions for me, and it was actually fairly emotional to see who would be carrying on the roles next year beyond my time at Warwick.

As part of the elections, we also chose to use the time to hold our AGM. As we are quite a small society with only just under one hundred members, this isn’t too complex a process for us, but as President it’s part of my job to lead it. The first thing on the agenda was to give a report of everything the society has done this year, led by me, and it was only when I was reading through everything we have got up to that I realised how much I have achieved in my year as President. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to take on the role, and even though it has been extremely hard work at times, it has also been incredibly rewarding and I’m so proud of everything we’ve done and the feeling of being able to say "that was me! I did that!" – because sometimes, you just have to show off a little bit…

While we are only a very small fish compared to many of the other societies in the huge sea that is the SU, we are really active in terms of the sessions and socials we run, so there is actually an awful lot that we have achieved in the space of a year, since we began our term in April 2017.

Not only have we run nearly 40 workshops and writing sessions (yes, 40!), along with a whole array of socials (including trampolining, bowling, icecream and bar crawl, poetry slam nights, and a glorious night watching Eurovision) and published several issues of the Dodo, we have also held 3 Writer All Nighters, collaborations with Cobalt, Freshblood and Women for Women International, an external speaker event featuring Diane Hinds who came to talk about her career in entertainment PR, our annual charity fundraiser Project Cupid which saw us writing Valentine’s poems in return for donations to charity, and our inaugural trip beyond the confines of campus/Leamington Spa all the way to London and back! That is a whole lot of stuff!

I’m really pleased with the new exec team and know that they’ll continue to help the society flourish. A couple of years ago it was a struggle to fill all of the exec roles and now we have really healthy competition for them and an amazing membership of people who love writing in all its many shapes and forms. It’s strange to think that I won’t be there to see it all happen beyond the end of this year, but I’m sure I’ll be keeping up to date with all the society’s antics on social media so I look forward to seeing what they get up to next, proud in the knowledge that I helped the society grow and become what it is today.

It’s been a challenge, but it’s been the best kind of challenge and if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate to. Being involved with this society, both as a member, then my first term on the exec as Secretary, and my final term as President, has helped me grow so much and gain so many new skills. If shy little me who spontaneously turned up to the elections this time two years ago almost certain I had no chance of getting onto the exec could see me now, I think she might faint with shock. But you did it Sophie, you did it, and that’s something to be seriously proud of. I know I’m being soppy and a touch melodramatic, but university is all about these kind of moments – it’s what makes it all worthwhile.

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

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