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A week in the life of a PAIS student

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Amelia Stone | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Amelia

This month I thought I’d share with you my weekly routine as a Third Year PAIS student. Before coming to University, its often hard to imagine what life will look like once you start your University life, so I thought I’d give you a little bit of an insight into what my typical week looks like this year. 


Lecture – 10-11

Seminar – 5-6 

Mondays are quite a long day for me, but this is actually by choice. Most of the time, you get to choose when your seminars are from a few different slots, depending on the amount of people taking the module (which is really helpful), which means you can pretty much organise your week in the way that best suits you and the lectures that you have. For me, forcing myself to stay on campus because I’ve got something in the morning and something in the evening, really works for me because I then have no choice but to stay in the Library and get all of the things I need to do done. So, in the 6 or so hours between my lecture and seminar, I’m normally going through my reading that I need to do, as well as putting blogs together every couple of weeks, and of course tackling my dissertation and any other essay deadlines. The nice thing about this, though, is that when I do then get home from campus, I don’t feel like I need to do anything else all evening, so I can just make myself dinner and watch some TV.



Lecture – 3-4

Seminar – 4-5

Seminar – 5-6

I like to also make Tuesdays one of my longer days, meaning I get my more full-on days over and done with at the beginning of the week. So, I like to come in at 11/12 (depending on how much of a lie in I need and whether I’ve been out the night before), so that I can get 3/4 hours of work done before my lectures & seminars take place between 3 and 6. This usually consists of similar sorts of things as I mentioned for Mondays, usually finishing off things from the day before, or continuing bigger tasks like planning (or now, writing) my dissertation. 



Wednesdays are usually a day where I spend time doing my part-time work off campus, often doing a 9-3 shift.  I find that by concentrating my time on academic work over a few days on campus, I then leave myself a good amount of time to also be making a bit of money outside of my studies. After this, I usually go to the gym or a spinning class in Leamington, often followed by getting ready for a night out at the SU. 



Lecture – 4 – 5

On Thursdays, I only have a one hour lecture, but I’m normally on campus by 11 or 12 to do a fair bit of work before this. Sometimes I’ll combine this with meeting someone for lunch on campus, my personal favourites being Curiositea  or the Dirty Duck (I highly recommend their cheesy garlic bread). 



Fridays tend to be either working in my part-time job off campus, or I also work on campus as a ‘Study Happy’ ambassador (working for the Library), so I most likely have a few hours in the day doing one of these. As a slightly more relaxed day, I might also pop to the gym or do a spinning class, or do a couple hours of relaxed work at home. In the evenings, all of my house usually go on a night out, normally to Neon in Leamington, or Kasbah in Coventry if we’re up for going slightly further afield. 



Saturdays tend to be more relaxed, also. I’m often working 9-1 in Leamington, so there’s plenty of time afterwards to see friends, go to the gym, or do some work and reading from home depending on how much I’ve got to do. 



Sundays are usually the day I try to completely get my life sorted. I’ll do my food shopping, stock up on toiletries, do all my washing, tidy and clean my room, and just generally do everything that I’ve been putting off all week. This definitely helps me get the next week off to a good start. Sunday evenings are also great for getting any last bits of work done, or going over any readings. 


I hope you enjoyed seeing what my typical week looks like. At the moment, it’s undeniably a LOT more hectic than this, with deadlines looming over my head and a dissertation to write. Right now, every day feels like a bit of a mad rush, with most of my days consisting of work and getting essays done in the library, but this is what my week  typically looks like throughout the year. 

Thanks for reading, please feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions at all. 

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Amelia Stone | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Amelia
  • Imogen

    Hi! I was just wondering what study spaces you use when you are on campus? For example, do you spend more time in the library or in the common room in the PAIS department?


    • Amelia Stone Politics and International Studies (PAIS)

      Hi Imogen, I hope you’re doing ok! I’ve definitely gone through phases over the years, I used to always use the learning grid in the Rootes building, but this year I’ve mainly been spending time in the library, but I do sometimes use the common room, or I’ll just pop in there on my way to the library to get a free coffee!


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