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A Week in the Life of a 4th Year Languages Student

For those considering studying languages, here’s a peek into the schedule of a single honours student. For those studying STEM, here’s what we actually do to fill time. This is what I did last week, the final week of term two.

Saturday and Sunday: Library all day, doing work for the week, writing essay plans etc. Visited a pal in Tocil to paint Bob Ross paintings on Saturday. 

Monday: Bounced to a Body Pump class at the sports centre, 12.30pm. Had an appointment with my German Business module lecturer to discuss my essay plan, 2pm. Walked back for a rare afternoon at home. Spent some time doing the work for the week and refining a short story to enter in a creative writing competition.

Tuesday: Prepared for and chaired the German department Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meeting, 11am, and the School of Modern languages and Cultures SSLC at 1pm. Bumped into a friend and had a catch up over packed lunch in between. Gym then library until my The Writer and Imperial Germany module, 5-7pm. Since it was the last one of term, sauntered to the Dirty Duck pub with the pack afterwards and had deep chats about how differently sex education should be taught in schools.

Wednesday: 9am German essay-writing seminar. 10-12 Business and Society in Contemporary Germany seminar. 12-1 Achieving Sustainability: Potentials and Barriers. 1-4.30 Education Committee meeting (linked to SSLC). Organised volunteering for the next day. Walked home, collected the weekly order of local vegetables from the organic shop, cooked, watched New Moon with flatmate (just to clarify, this is not a regular occurrence.)

Thursday: Led a conversation club for beginner English with the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre, 9-12. Bussed onto campus for 2pm, bought porridge oats at the Warwick Food Coop then trooped to German conversation class. Jogged home to speedily get ready for the Literature and Languages ball. Walked to Lakeside to a friend’s flat to start the partying before the ball.

Friday: Cancelled a sports class booked optimistically early in the morning. Applied for a Warwick summer internship on the careers website. Cleaned the hamster cage. Popped to the student gathering for climate change at 12. Worked in the TRC until 2pm, went to German translation class. Walked home and had a takeaway evening with flatmates.

Admittedly, the average week has fewer SSLC meets and balls, and more work. Humanities students often get stick for supposedly doing less work than other degrees because we have fewer contact hours, but as you can see there is more than one type of “work”. Being involved in SSLC and volunteering are far more valuable learning experiences for me than simply studying in the library, and doing a degree with fewer contact hours allows time for this.

In the meantime, I have 8000 words to write over Easter, though this is a nice change from the 11,500 words I had to write over Christmas. Wish me luck 😉 and good luck to everyone else with assignments and revision too of course!

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