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A walk on the Warwick side (Benefits of taking a walk for a student )

Sports facilities too costly? Is the stress of your workload getting to you? Have you realized that you’ve basically been sat down for about 10 hours straight? This is the article for you. I’m going to tell you why an amble around campus can be beneficial to any student but particularly for philosophy students.  

First just to clarify I’m not talking about walking to the Postroom to collect your new outfit or going to Tesco for a jumbo pack of crisps I’m talking about a walk purely for the sake of it (shocking thought I know).  


Why should you bother? Excellent question, to me there are many benefits to going on a bit of a ramble round campus firstly, you might see some cool things. It was on my first walk round the math’s campus (I have no other inclination to go there as a social sciences student), that I spotted a heron. These aren’t the most common of birds and I found out it hangs there pretty frequently. If you’re not into birds, then perhaps a hunt for the infamous Rolf the Campus cat might more take your fancy (last spotted near Tocil). Of course, as well as these rare sights you may see more common but equally entertaining scenes like someone being pushed in a trolley or a Rootes student dashing to their lecture that they woke up for 5 minutes ago The campus is a modern, beautiful and vibrant place and if that doesn’t appeal to you then you might at least find a quicker route to Tesco (legend has it there are over 50 ways to get there).  


Another important reason is to break up the daily grind. You’ll either spend all day in the library or all day in bed there is often little inbetween so it’s important to get some fresh air just to be healthy. Fresher’s flu can be a killer and often students forget to take care of themselves so putting a walk into your daily routine can be a way of building towards a more constructive and active day. It’s important to unwind and sticking some earbuds in with your favourite album or podcast and taking a meander can be the perfect way of doing this. 

For Philosophy students a walk is an excellent way of cementing ideas. This may be the same of other subjects, but philosophy can sometimes feel wishy-washy and full of ideas rather than answers. Taking a walk and thinking things through can help things to click and your essay thesis or analysis of a particularly nasty bit of Hegel reading will become a little clearer. After all, as Nietzche put it “all truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” 


For a good walking spot, I would recommend walking via the math’s department because the fountains are a nice touch and you might stumble across some interesting wildlife as I have. The Red Rocket van can also provide you with a warm beverage if it’s a crisp winter morning for the low, low price of a piece of your soul and your first-born child (but boy is that coffee worth it). Lakeside is doubly picturesque though a little further out. The vast lakes are accompanied by quaint bridges and it’s usually pretty quiet which is perfect for a good brood. You may also encounter water rats, fish, coots, moorhens and even rabbits.  

So, leave your room or the library and have a little walk. It’s a great way to break up the day and have a little me time.  



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