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A Very Warwick Welcome!

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Hello there & welcome to my very first post as a Theatre Studies blogger; I’m so excited to be here writing this!

It’s now June, my 1st year at Warwick is ebbing to a close, and there’s a rather lovely sense of coming full-circle in the writing of this blog post. Little more than a year ago, the UCAS clock was proverbially ticking – and I was in the midst of making some big decisions – namely, where I wanted to spend the next three years of my life.

Campus looking beautiful back in the autumnWhilst doing my research, I stumbled across these student blogs and ended up reading the experiences of a 2015 Theatre Studies graduate – the delightfully engaging Ella Hawkins (check it out if you get the chance – https://studentblogs.warwick.ac.uk/theatre). Before I knew it I was months deep into her blog archive, engrossed in perusals of all her old posts. It was through reading about life at Warwick in this way – the course, societies, all kinds of other opportunities – that I realised my instincts about the university were real; it was definitely the right place for me.

It’s a feeling that’s rung true for me in the 8 months since I arrived on campus, that rather cliché but all too true mix of excitement and nerves – and I’m now lucky to be able to say that Warwick is the right place for me. And that’s ultimately the great thing about this blog; I don’t think there’s any other way of getting quite such a personal insight into the realities of uni life, short of finding out for yourself. In any case, you can’t truly know what uni is going to be like till you’re actually there, living it, but in making my choice, Ella’s blog certainly brought me as close as possible to getting a feel for Warwick (and it goes without saying I will be eternally grateful it did, so if ever you happen to read this – thank you so much, Ella!)

Having played such a big part in my choice to come here, I’ve ever since had the idea at the back of my mind that maybe, one day, I could blog too and pass on some of my experiences at uni. And now here I am, just a year later- who’d have thought!

As a bit of an introduction to my stint blogging, I thought I’d say hello and do a little ‘about me’ which will hopefully give you a taste of some of the things I’m going to be chatting about in my blog. As a drama student, it’s fair to say that nothing can raise a collective groan more than that classic task of standing in a circle to ‘give an interesting fact about yourself.’ So, in an effort to get over my fear of thinking up interesting facts, here’s 5 of my own…

1) Gap Year Girl – I’m 21 (22 in September) – which probably seems quite old for a 1st year, but is surprisingly more common than you might think when you get to uni. After having had two years out I was rather worried I wouldn’t fit in, but I got here and quickly realised that wasn’t ever going to be the case. People come to do degrees at all ages – and no matter where you fall, whether that be 18 or 25, you’ll always find people who share your interests and have a fantastic experience regardless.

2) Living On-Campus – I currently live on-campus, in leafy Westwood – which despite being known for how far it is from central campus, just happens to be the nearest hall of residence to the Theatre Studies department – great for those early starts! Next year I am moving into shared private accommodation in nearby Canley with 2 of my lovely coursemates.

3) MT obsessed – Perhaps rather predictable for a theatre student, but I am possibly the biggest musical theatre fan going! From Gershwin to Lloyd Webber, MT soundtracks are unashamedly pretty much all I ever listen to and you will most commonly find me singing, no matter the time or place. I am a member of the uni’s wonderful ‘Music Theatre Warwick’ & recently returned from the society’s annual tour, which was in beautiful Barcelona this year.

4) Upcoming pursuits – This summer I have received funding from the university to pursue an independent research project – and will be travelling to London to work with an intercultural theatre company, Dash Arts. I’ll be working as part of a team towards producing a digital archive of all their productions over the past decade. Although it all sounds a bit daunting at this point, it should be a really exciting and rewarding experience which I’m sure I’ll be chatting more about in the coming months! I am also in 2 student productions at the end of this term, HMS Pinafore with Opera society, then an outdoor performance of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, in which I’m taking on the challenging (but very exciting) role of Isabella. All in all very exciting and I’ll be writing more on that soon so keep an eye out!

5) I’m a Northerner! – I’m from a little village in Lancashire, nestled in the foothills of the Pennines, and it’s unbelievably hilly, so heading down to the Midlands for uni everything suddenly feels very flat! Moving away from home this year has definitely been a huge step, as it is for all students, and I’ve had my own ups and downs at times coping with homesickness. No matter how much fun I’m having at uni it’s always the loveliest of feelings to head home for the holidays – and just as much of a wrench to leave it all behind again when term starts! However it has definitely got easier with each term and I have settled in so well at uni now that I’ll really miss it over the summer! Bring on 2nd year…!

Thanks so much for reading & please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions at all about life at Warwick!

Olivia x

Olivia Kershaw | Theatre & Performance Studies Contact Olivia
  • Ella Hawkins

    I just found this post while looking for my old blog archive! I’m so delighted to see that you found my posts useful, and hope that you’ve enjoyed Warwick as much as I did. 🙂


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