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A (very) random post on starting third year

I am aware that I blogged yesterday but it was a scheduled post I had put together over summer so I think I’m allowed to ramble a little at the start of this month which also marks the beginning of my third year. So much has changed this year and I am finding it rather difficult to absorb the environment. The summer was OK, I stayed at home relaxing which was fun especially with my two-year-old brother, did some tutoring which helped me refresh my memories of GCSE maths, and did the dishes of course.

I came at the start of week 0 which was quite a lot of fun. I attended the societies fair and have joined a good amount of them, especially many of the free ones. I mean, I paid £19, I should get all the value out of it, right? I am a mentor with the chemistry society this year so I went to an orienteering event with them as well. It was fun walking around campus with them and speaking to the freshers about how they’re feeling and answer any questions. I went to the volunteering fair as well and went to the welcome talk with The Boar which was great because finally I got to have meaningful face-to-face conversations with many of the editors who I had only spoken to via email (or on Facebook back in those days when I had it).

Friday I went home home because I had nothing to do and then spent a three-day-long weekend with family which I think has been a nice start to the year especially since I have also brought food along so that should last me a few days.

Yesterday was my first day of lectures and although I had five-hours worth of sessions, it wasn’t as full on as last year. However, that feeling of positivity only lasted until like today when I started to have my moments of confusion and ‘huh?’. I am rather apprehensive about this year because of exams in March which feels very close and therefore very scary and since I’m thinking of overcatting because I cannot narrow down my optional modules to three but I’ll see how it all goes.

I also went to Warwick Question Time yesterday which was a nice way to finish the evening. I quite enjoyed many aspects of the debate and did I get chances to laugh! It was hilarious at times and I can already not wait for next year. Last year it was on Globalisation and I ended up reading a ‘very short introduction’ book on it afterwards because I was so drawn into the field afterwards. I think this is the benefit of going to random talks sometimes. Even though you’re only quietly sitting there and listening, you never know what will grab your interest. I really wish Warwick had their Question Time like once a term but ah well. I should perhaps also focus more on studying now that it’s done.

In terms of revision, I am waiting things to sort of get more intense. I feel like we need to cover enough material so I can start to do some informed reading into topics that needs done. Having said that, there are many homework/ practice questions already been provided by the lecturers so I will hopefully get down to trying to make sense of those tomorrow.

For some reason, the library feels like it has lost its magic. I just can’t focus on the second floor any more. I may try the second floor extension area given that I like to be in the library and you can take out books as well but I’ll see. I think tomorrow I may just go home and study. I don’t know.

Meeting up with mates has been amazing, especially knowing that some of them will be graduating this year. I hope this will be a year when we make memories for life. I found a place last minute to live for this year therefore am living with second years but it has been very positive. My mate tagged me in a post on Facebook advertising a room and I went for it and I am living in Canley so its a nice 15 min walk. This year however I had to pick an en suite because I basically picked the first room I could find super close to campus. Of course, however it is more expensive than last year and the year before at Cryfield so I have finally started to make my own sandwiches rather than buying from the library cafe. Also, I have not bought a single cup of dark mocha from the library yet, can you believe it? The aim is literally to not buy coffee from campus this year; this should be both good for me and my bank account.

These were the things marking the beginning of my third year that I wanted to write an account of. I haven’t actually touched my journal in a while because obviously the beginning of third year has been a shock to the system lol and it’ll probably take a while before the equilibrium is re-established in my life.

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