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A typical week of a Warwick Law student

One of the major differences between high school and university is the flexibility of your schedule. As a law student, you will have significantly fewer contact hours than you did at school and how you fill the remaining hours of the day is up to you. Although you are expected to use most of that time for independent study, no one will come to check on what you’re doing like your teachers might have done during “study period” at school. This newfound flexibility is of course very liberating and exciting but without some self-disciple or some sort of a routine, it can be challenging to be productive and to put in enough study hours. Of course, university isn’t only about studying! This is where a less rigid schedule comes in handy as it allows you take advantage of the many different extra-curricular opportunities on campus, to have a fun social life and to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. Obviously, everyone’s university experience looks different, based on personal preferences and priorities But, here is an insight into what a typical week looks like for me!

  As you can see, the amount of classes I have varies quite significantly. On the days where I have little contact hours, I allocate time for studying. I find that by adding these study blocks in my calendar really helps me stay productive and stick to the amount I time I dedicate to each task. I also try to use the days with fewer classes to switch things up by going to the gym and meeting up with friends for a quick break. Although it varies a little from week to week, I typically go to at least one event, whether that be a careers related event, an academic talk or a society social. Personally, I don’t tend to go “out-out” much during the week (many students do though and that’s totally fine too) but I do enjoy a more casual get together, like a house meal or Pocker night. Friday night NEON (it’s one of the popular clubs in Leamington) tends to be the night for me though! It’s a fun way for me to end a busy week with friends (a little side note, if you’re interested what university for a non-drinker like me is like, check out my post on it here). I then use the weekends to relax a little bit, meal prep, clean and do laundry. I’ll use of left-over time for my uni work, to alleviate the week ahead as much as possible and to prepare for my seminars on Monday.    I hope that gives you a bit of an idea! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or to send me a message. Also, if you have any topics you would like me to blog about, do let me know!

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