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A Typical Day at Uni

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While I was at school, I wondered about how my daily routine would change when I went to uni. With most courses, you have far fewer contact hours at uni than you do at school or college, which certainly feels strange at first! You suddenly have much more independence, and choice over how you spend your time. In this blog, I thought I would share with you a rough outline of a typical day at uni:


8am – wake up, get ready, and have breakfast

9am – lecture

10am – meet a friend for a coffee (a great perk of Warwick – about 3754 different coffee shops and cafés to choose from!)

11am – seminar

12pm – head back to my room to do some seminar preparation reading (of which there is plenty if you study an arts/humanities subject)

1pm – make myself some lunch, and catch up with any flatmates to be found in the kitchen

2pm – go to a sports club/society (Wednesday afternoons at Warwick are kept free across all subjects to give you time to take part in extracurricular activities. There’s plenty to get involved in!)

4pm – get back to my room and do some more reading/work

6pm – put my culinary expertise to the test and make some dinner, and spend time with flatmates

8pm – relaxation time! A few free hours to watch Netflix, speak to friends and family, organise my notes, do some reading, and rest after a busy day


I hope this helps you to get an idea of a typical day at uni! As I study an arts course, I have relatively few contact hours but a lot more independent work to do compared to a science student. This means lots of reading, but I have flexibility in terms of when I work. To make the most of this time, I try to plan my day in advance so that I have time to see friends and do extracurriculars. Maybe this is something to take into account if you’re not sure what kind of subject would suit you; if you like more structure to your day, STEM subjects will have more contact hours to keep you busy, whereas arts subjects allow more independent work.

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