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A trip to Tasmania

Hi everyone!

I recently just got back from a week trip to Tasmania! This was my first trip away from Melbourne, and wow it was amazing!

We hired a car from Launceston, spent the night there, then drove to Wineglass Bay and Hobart where we also spent a few nights, finally driving back down to Launceston where we spent another night before catching our flight home. If you can, it may be easier to arrive and/or leave via Hobart, however, we struggled to do this because most car hire companies don’t cater for under 21-year-olds (we could only find a local one in Launceston).

There are many highlights from the trip, my favourite few being the hike to Wineglass Bay, the MONA Museum, the Salamanca Markets and the Mount Wellington viewpoint. They are all definitely worth a visit!

In particular, I really really enjoyed the MONA Museum. It is by far one of the most unique galleries that I have visited and seriously worth its hype. I asked one of my friends what their favourite part of the museum was which of course led me to think about my own answer too – and I still can’t decide. I really enjoyed the art in the Museum of Everything which was truly inspiring. Watching Julius Popp’s waterfall also gave me the opportunity to just reflect on the things we truly care about as a society. Overall, I really appreciated all the artwork and am so pleased that we visited!

So, ramblings over, here are some photos from our trip:









Shanita 🙂 xo

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