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A Trip to Birmingham Christmas Market

Simran Thakral
Simran Thakral | Politics with International Studies (PAIS) Contact Simran

Campus university or City university? That’s by far one of the most toughest decision a prospective student will have to make on which university to go to. (You know- aside from rankings, entry requirements, graduate employment perspectives, etc.)

As you all probably know, Warwick is kind of in the middle of nowhere as it is sandwiched between Coventry, Kenilworth, and Leamington Spa. While it does have its own charm to be in a little secure bubble of a campus, sometimes it just gets a bit much and you want to get away.

Luckily for us, Birmingham is just 20 minutes away by train so we definitely do get the best of both worlds! With a ’16 to 25’ railcard, it also only costs around 6 pounds for a return ticket! Apart from Bullring shopping sprees, this time around of year is particularly nice to head over to the Birmingham for the German Christmas Market!

I visited a couple of days ago and it was just lovely. Did you know, it’s ranked as one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe? Located within walking distance from both the Birmingham Moor Street and New Street stations, the market covers the central areas of the city.

From sausages to schnitzels and fruitcake to fudge, the choices are endless- it took a lot of self control to not want to eat everything! After dinner at the food stalls, we then explored the stalls which were selling handicrafts, ornaments, candles, and even things as random as table cloth and kid’s clothes! If you’re looking to do some Christmas shopping then this place is perfect to find something unique.

We finally topped it all off with a ride on the carousal- which I believe, is the icon of the Birmingham Christmas market. I did feel odd going on the ride at first as I thought it was only for little kids! Not too far from the market- I would say about a 10-minute walk, there is a Ferris Wheel and an outdoor ice-skating rink! It was a shame we could not go on them but they looked like so much fun!

It was a really enjoyable day out and, as it’s so close to Warwick, I would highly recommend it! For about a few hours, you get to get away from the madness of end of term deadlines! (Side note, I think there is a tendency to take for granted things that are close to you- for instance, Stratford-Upon-Avon is a place I’m yet to properly visit)

Simran Thakral
Simran Thakral | Politics with International Studies (PAIS) Contact Simran

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