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A second year already?

Hey everyone,

Yesterday the PAIS welcome meeting led by Justin Greaves made it official, I am a second year, the year where you are supposed to have your life organised and career fully set, so they say…

The meeting was really useful, information on the department’s recent results in various league tables was shared, opportunities available such as the academic support workshops available, and the application process for positions such the SSLC and being a PAIS ambassador (which I hope to apply to later this term).

There are so so so so so so so many opportunities available at both PAIS and the university:

Want to directly influence your course structure? Join the SSLC

Looking to have a job where you can work with the department? Apply for a PAIS ambassador role

Want to get involved with a political party? There is a society for that!

Want a really cool job where you can write about your university life? Be a student blogger. (Best job there is…)

The meeting also had an awesome video by Trevor McCrisken on escaping campus for a year – *shout out to Trevor for the fab video* – There are many year abroad opportunities available, so if this is something you are interested in – Warwick is most certainly the place for you!

Second-year so far has been going well, I have moved into a house with 3 other friends *shout out to Raksha, I know you are reading this*, which was through Warwick accommodation – I would recommend as the house is checked by Warwick University themselves.

I have my first lecture tomorrow on USA politics, which I am looking forward to – especially due to all the events taking place in America due to the election!

Now, time for me to enter reality and start cooking if I don’t blog again soon, it’s probably because I am busy cleaning up the mess from a burnt kitchen…

Shanita 🙂 xo


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