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A review of the Terrace Bar

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It is often assumed that the majority of students like to go out drinking and clubbing on occasion, and I myself am no exception. This being said, I have spent a fair amount of my relatively short time on campus at the Terrace Bar in the SU building, and so I thought I might share my opinions of it.

The bar itself:

The centrepiece of the bar – the literal actual bar – is able to provide a variety of drinks at not outrageous prices (currently students can obtain a small discount by paying with Eating at Warwick credit). A ‘happy hour’ type event also exists, during which certain drinks are discounted (I have chosen not to state when exactly the happy hour is, as it may change). There are also jugs of water such that one can help themselves, as any bar worth its salt should have.


Internal seating in the Terrace Bar is good, although perhaps somewhat limited due to the small size of the bar area. However limited seating areas does leave a decent amount of space for people to order drinks or navigate through the bar, or even dance. There is also a ‘terrace’ (hence the name of the bar) area with seats, this doubles as a designated smoking area if one requires such a thing. From this terrace, one can also see the big screen on the piazza, allowing a perhaps better view of what may be playing – currently the fire safety video is a fairly common occurrence – on the screen than from the ground. However, if sitting practically at the bar is not something that appeals to you, or is not possible at that time, there are numerous other seats – although not outside the Terrace Bar area, and there are also pool tables opposite one of the entrances.

The mood:

The internal tables and chairs providing a standard pub/bar-esque vibe, the relatively soft lighting inside, and the chill music that is usually played in the background on most days all combine to give the Terrace Bar a relaxing mood, one further complemented by the fact that there are often few people around during late evening/early night, which I would say is perfect for winding down at the end of a week. However, there are times when this is not the case, such as Thursdays this year, as there may be events occurring that change the mood, such that the bar area is particularly crowded (events are also likely to have dancing people in the main bar area) and relatively loud.


A brief conclusion:


I personally love the Terrace Bar, it is one of my favourite places to go if I choose to go out drinking, and sometimes even if I am not planning on drinking that night, as I do enjoy the general atmosphere of the surrounding area, and I have made several friendships there. Objectively, is this the best place to go for a night out? Probably not, but it doesn’t have to be, it makes up for this with the convenience of location and the mood inside the bar, and I would highly recommend at least checking out the Terrace Bar at least once in your lifetime.

Asher Reynolds | Chemistry (with Industrial Placement) Contact Asher

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