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A reflection on the past few weeks…

Sabrina Di Monaco | Chemistry (with International Placement) Contact Sabrina

During these last few weeks, I have been heavily observing the news everyday for updates on COVID-19 and how it is affecting the UK and rest of the world. It has been a nerve-wracking and worrying time for many of us and it is really a time where everyone’s individual efforts can make a difference on the spreading of this virus. 

As someone who is young and with no underlying health conditions, at first, I wasn’t worried about catching anything as I thought to me, it would be no more than flu-like symptoms that would subside within a week. However, I then began to realise that this is a completely new virus that has no vaccine for the old and vulnerable and began to think about about these individuals. It may not affect me too much but I could be responsible for the spread of it to someone who is more vulnerable. This made me realise the importance of social distancing, self isolation and really taking responsibility on taking precautions with your health so that it doesn’t affect the health of those around you. 

With that being said, I know the media can be worrying and is causing everyone to bulk buy and panic. The best thing for me is to just take all the precautions I can and know that you are doing your bit by doing this. I want to help in the best way I can by being vigilant of my health and thinking of others.

But also don’t forget to think of yourself, make sure you are doing things that add to your self care and is best for you during this time. If this is by maintaining a routine so that you keep busy and get your mind off things or maybe by taking some time to reflect and relax and do what you love. Just because you are isolating doesn’t mean you should feel alone so reach out on video call or by message to still feel connected to the ones you love!

A reminder that although there is not yet a vaccine so this virus seems new and scary, it is just like any other in the way that armed with a bit of soap and water and knowing how to wash your hands effectively- you can be protected! 

Stay safe and to those who are feeling alone, please reach! 

Sabrina Di Monaco | Chemistry (with International Placement) Contact Sabrina

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