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A Quick Introduction…

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When the clock struck midnight on the 31 December 2019, a friend came up to me and asked if I was looking forward to 2020.

“Of course!” I replied. “In a couple of months, I will be studying in tropical Malaysia, experiencing a different culture, soaking up the sun and learning things that could make life better for everyone!”

I would like to say that 2020 has gone exactly how I had imagined. But that would be lying. It hasn’t. Nothing has gone exactly as it was planned.

That is a good thing in a way, I guess. After all, I wouldn’t be sitting here, writing this blog (my very first can you believe) if things had gone to plan!

So instead of dwelling on what could have been, I want to talk about what could be if you came to Warwick. To do that, I should probably start with a quick introduction…

Hello! My name is Joe. I am currently a second-year undergraduate student studying Global Sustainable Development. Yes, that’s me with the dog (his name is Dingo) and I am very happy that you are reading this!

Now, I imagine at the moment you are probably thinking something along the lines of:

“Ooooh, cute dog! But hang on! Global Sustainable Development? What’s that and why should I care?”

Well Global Sustainable Development (or just GSD for short), is a part of Warwick’s School for Cross-Faculty Studies and concerns itself with the questions we should all be asking.

How do we solve poverty and ensure health for all? Why do we need movements like Black Lives Matter and what can be done to address racism within our society? What can I do to solve the climate crisis and protect biodiversity?

The undeniable truth is that the world is going to face many ‘complex problems’ in the future. A degree in GSD has helped me start to find answers to these problems.

Throughout my time at Warwick, academics have challenged me to ask the important questions and have trained me to look at the world from many different angles, to understand other’s motivations and priorities, and to seek solutions that are acceptable to everyone they affect.

And on top of all that, GSD has equipped me with skills prized in a 21st-century workplace. I have learnt to work both independently and, in a team, on projects that have real-world implications. I have also developed my critical thinking, analytical, information technology and communication skills and formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

Ultimately, GSD has instilled within me a purpose and the belief that if we, as a global society, work with compassion and zeal, we can truly make the world a better place…

It is for all these reasons (and many more as well), that I can come to the very biased opinion that a chance to study GSD is the best reason to come to the University of Warwick. Of course, it’s not the only reason (and you may even be interested in another subject), but you should defiantly consider it!

Anyway, that’s enough from me for one post. In the future, I plan to write more about the fantastic opportunities I have experienced during my time at the University of Warwick. And who knows maybe, just maybe, I can get you just as excited about coming to Warwick as I was.

 Until the next time. Have a great day!

Joe Gosney | Global Sustainable Development Contact Joe

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