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A PPL update + welcome to the new events coordinator

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

‘PPLists’ have been busy this term. This blog is an update of what it is like to be a PPL student at Warick in Term 2.


General life as a student

I have thoroughly enjoyed term 2 as I no longer feel in a ‘Warwick whirlwind’ as I have a clear understanding of how to use Moodle, My Warwick and Talis. I no longer get lost on campus which is a definite plus! I also feel more confident about trying new things and have taken up volunteering with old people by assisting them with how to use mobiles, laptops and tablets. This term I have also made a clear friendship group. In term 1 you get to know a lot of people but term 2 has allowed me to cement a much smaller friendship group. Some of are now going to Vienna and Amsterdam over the Easter holidays- showing I really should not have worried about making new friends. I have attended a large amount of the Good Food Society events from meal trips to a baking session. I love the society so much that I am now standing for President of the society. Term 2 is incredibly focused on democratic processes of the university with the current Student Union elections and all societies holding elections for their execs. I have also had more time to socialise this term and have been to Juicy at T-Bar regularly which is a great opportunity to meet new people without going clubbing. I have also been to the Food Markets this term at the Piazza. I would recommend the Souvlaki- the market is a great way to taste foods from all over the world right on our doorstep.



With PPL, essay deadlines fall into week 9 and 10 for most of the subjects. That means that I am now incredibly busy writing essays – I am trying out different ways of writing as the first year doesn’t count and there are different expectations to being at school. With my module in Tort Law, we were set a problem-solving question. It was a great experience because it was though we were given an actual legal case and had to apply the correct legal principles. This particularly good for those who are considering becoming a lawyer by doing a qualifying degree after their undergraduate degree in PPL. This term has also taught me to study smartly by streamlining the reading I am doing such as focusing on the reading on the topics I will answer in the exams. This week there is a module fair where we are able to find out more about modules for next year in order to be able to pick them in Term 3.


The PPL Exec

The PPL Society is continuing to grow and thrive especially with the recent election where Lucas Samuel was elected as the events coordinator on the PPL Exec. Lucas is now responsible for organising speaker events for the next academic year and making key contacts for the society. The society has continued to actively encourage discussion on key academic and social topics on various different platforms especially with the popular Vox Populi polls. Maya the social secretary successfully lead the first PPL Social at Zizzis in Leamington in January (see picture) and is currently organising a PPL Social to close off the term called ‘the dinner party’- watch the blogs to see what this event involves and how it goes. Mayur the sponsorship secretary is arranging an event with the global law firm Squire Patton Boggs which will give the members of the society an insight into legal career paths.

I hope that you have found this blog an insight into term 2 as a Warwick PPL student. 


Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha
  • Rachel

    Thank you so much for writing this! I literally got my offer for PPL yesterday, and it is encouraging to hear so many good things about the uni and the course.


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