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A Northerner’s Guide to Visiting University Friends

Along with choosing next year’s modules, doing some extra reading and sorting some things for my role on the Tap exec, this summer I have also managed to see plenty of my university friends! One of my favourite things about coming to Warwick has been all the people I’ve met from all over the country, and this has meant that in the past few weeks I’ve travelled to Leeds, Manchester, Oxford and London. It’s has been fab to be shown around these lovely cities as well as catch up with my uni friends!

tower bridge

To get to these places, my student railcard has been invaluable. I got my railcard free when I set up my student bank account, and I have definitely got use out of it this summer! The Megabus has also been quite useful; although it can be delayed due to traffic, in my experience it’s been so much cheaper than the train, especially as you can get a cheaper ticket with an NUS student card. I paid £12 a year for the card, and it can be used to get discounts in some shops as well as the Megabus.

Before coming to university, it may be worth looking into what student discount cards are available, as I have really appreciated every discount I can get this past year particularly over the summer!

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