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A message for Philosophy UG offer holders!

First of all, congratulations for being chosen to study Philosophy at Warwick! As a Second Year Philosophy undergraduate, I’ve learnt that studying Philosophy is an extremely rewarding and challenging course that is equally as important as any other subject available here at Warwick.

During the course of your time here, you will learn that Philosophy is truly a fundamental subject to learn, meaning it discusses the basic ideas of pretty much everything, in an in-depth and stimulating way. The concepts you learn can be directly applied to your ideas in the real world, and debating will be both exciting and thought-provoking, as long as you keep an open mind.

The tutors within the department are always available during their office hours and will encourage you to actually ‘do’ Philosophy rather than just memorize the ideas of Philosophers for your exams. You will learn that discussion with tutors and with your peers is one of the most valuable ways of improving your philosophical skills, as it is through this that you will find new ways to engage with the texts you read and get the most out of your contact hours.

Here are a few modules which I have found most interesting and useful during my time at Warwick so far:

Introduction to Philosophy: Provides a basic understanding of a variety of philosophical concepts and philosophers, from John Stuart Mill to Rene Descartes. This module is completely doable for those who have never studied Philosophy before, and by the end of it you will know which areas of Philosophy interest you most.

Logic 1: This module is probably a lot different from others you will study, but it was definitely one of my favourites as I’m very much interested in Maths, and Logic can be quite mathematical in some ways. However, it is also very possible to do well in it even if you aren’t great at Maths. Everything you need to know will be taught very clearly and it is easy to get the hang of!

Epistemology: This is ultimately the very in-depth study of knowledge. Here you will be looking into what it means as a human to obtain knowledge, and discuss whether we are able to understand the minds of other humans, and animals. This is a module I immediately found fascinating as it helps me to conceptualise my ideas of the world in terms of what we know ourselves and what we know about others.

Applied Ethics is a module I have not studied yet, but it is a module offered in the department which encourages students to gain a deeper insight into whether or not our actions are moral when applied to real life situations. Here, you will learn about the trolley problem, and engage in some of the most important debates you will have.


That’s all from me – I hope this has made you excited to begin studying Philosophy at Warwick! Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have about anything (l.hunn@warwick.ac.uk), I’ll be happy to answer them.



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