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A look into Term 3

I flew back to Warwick this weekend after a whole five weeks of break, so I thought I would share a bit about what this beginning of Term 3 has been like because it is very different from other terms.

Coming back to university after being home for a while is always a strange experience. It means getting used to taking care of everything by myself again and settling into a different work rhythm than at home. It also always feels odd to start speaking English 24/7 again after five weeks of speaking strictly French!

But now I’m slowly getting used to everything again, and it has been great to see my friends after this long break, and to be back on campus.

This term is quite different compared to the rest of the year because all of my seminars ended in Term 2, and so now all I have left are three weeks of revisions lectures, then a couple of weeks of independent revisions with no contact hours and finally my exams which are ending mid-June (as a first-year I only have three: Property, Criminal and Tort Law). So far, the revision lectures have been really helpful and the exams seem a little less intimidating to me than I thought they would be (but they are still weeks away so I’m not sure the feeling will last!).

I also cannot comprehend how we are already nearing the end of the year because I still feel like I started university just a while ago, and like I just listened to our introductory lectures to Law. That being said, it has truly been a great year and going through all my notes I’m amazed about how little I knew about Law initially and how much we covered in just a few months. And beyond studying Law, this year as a whole has been full of new experiences, from moving to England, to meeting so many new people, to campus life as a whole!

This week I also attended the Law Module Fair that was set up this Wednesday, during which we could ask students and lecturers about module options available for next year. Because I am just studying straight Law, I get two pick two modules (a year-long one and a single term one) or three single term modules, to fill up my credits besides our core modules. I went into the Module Fair thinking I already had all my modules figured out, but a lot of the ones I hadn’t considered looked great so I’m re-thinking everything while I still have some time to decide. Something that attracted me to Warwick was the wide range of modules available for Law, so I’m trying to take full advantage of it now that I’m here.

Hopefully this little overview of this start of term was helpful, and please leave a comment if you’d like to know more about Warwick or what I am studying 🙂

And finally good luck to everyone studying for exams now, whatever that exam may be!

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