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A look into my optional modules

So, I know it’s really early to start looking into which modules you’d like to study next year, but it can also be helpful to have a few ideas of what you might like before the module fair (which should take place during Week 8). And if you’re still deciding whether Warwick is right for you, these might help you see the wide range of modules available in Law!

 This year, the optional modules I am taking are International Law and Writing Human Rights.


International Law: My interest in international law was one of the reasons that led me to do Law at university, so this wasn’t a difficult choice to make when it came to picking optional modules.

It encompasses the history and theories of international law, as well as its application in our times, so it’s a really good module for those who like to have both theory and practice mixed into one. Many of the laws that dominate international law are difficult to imagine ‘in action’ in the world, which is why the cases we look at are always interesting. After a year of tort, criminal and property law, reading cases where entire states are the ones arguing is fascinating, and it is also useful to better understand the world we live in. This is a module that fully embraces the Law School’s ‘Law in context’ approach!

This also means that International Law is very different from most of the core modules you will be studying, and I will admit that sometimes the scope of what we are studying can be a little daunting (prepare yourselves for rules, exception to rules, and then knowing that some States will just ignore certain laws but uphold others).

I also really enjoy the way that the module is run this year, because the lectures are split between 4 different lecturers, so you get a mix of teaching styles as well as point of views.


Writing Human Rights: This is a module that has elements of Law and Creative Writing, and it is centered around how human rights issues are discussed and represented in literature/media, while also allowing us to write our own human rights piece. So far, I have really been loving this course, even though I am only a few weeks into it.

  Our lectures focus on different rights each week, and they are usually accompanied by extracts from books and journals that have discussed that right. The lectures are very interactive, as we are a small class, so I’ve really been enjoying them.

A reason why I picked this module is also because throughout the year, we are encouraged to better our writing in a non-academic way by writing short pieces every week. English Literature is something I’ve been missing from high school, so I have been loving this aspect of the course! It’s liberating to be able to write freely without dozens of sources up on my screen at the same time, and without worrying about specific legal rules. I’m also looking forward to writing a full story on a human rights topic.


I hope this will give you a better idea of some of your options when it comes to planning your course!

Please send me a message or leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂 

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