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A List of All the Modules I Took (and my thoughts on them)

Now that I’m in my last few weeks, I thought I might let you know which modules I took and how I liked them. Please remember the modules which are offered can change from year to year and just because I like a certain module, does not mean you won’t prefer a different option! (Note I have not included modules such as labs or tutorials etc).

Year 1

Core modules:

Agents of Infectious Disease – my favourite of module of first year. Was what it says on the tin, really.

Physiology, Neurobiology and Metabolism – this one was fine. A fair bit of biochemistry but then other lectures were right up my street so a good balance. A wide range of topics were covered so I won’t summarise the content but one of the lectures was so interesting, I read the book recommended (don’t worry, it wasn’t a textbook, I’d still be reading it if that were the case).

Molecules, Cells and Organisms – humongous module. Lectures were heavy but if you actually sat down and paid attention, the content was very interesting! It’s just finding the willpower to do that at 9am. Think DNA.

Optional modules:

Health and the Community – liked this one a lot, found there to be a bit of an overlap with a core module which was also encouraging. Contained food safety issues which changed things up a bit.

Animal Anatomy and Histology – liked this one less than the above because I was expecting something different (learning where different body parts and bones are and also in four legged animals rather than focusing on tissue makeup within humans) but that’s my own fault. I did like the assessment method of this, and the lab time was cool.

Year 2: 

Core modules: 

Molecular Cell Biology – same comments as Molecules, Cells and Organisms last year.

Human and Animal Physiology – I think this was blood and circulation? Which meant I enjoyed it, interesting stuff but a lot of it? 

Immunology and Epidemiology – loved this module. Very chilled approach. The content was exactly what you’d expect.

Virology – another module I was a fan of, so much that I selected it as my optional for third year. Sometimes the lectures were a bit long but that’s only when they were my last lecture for the week. Funny that. Content is all about different viruses and their modes of action.

Optional modules:

Clinical Microbiology – the lecturers for this module are so cute. They’re precisely how you would expect lecturers to be, with crazy hair and ginormous glasses. I enjoyed this module. Think bacteria.

Year 3

Core modules: 

Modern Approaches to Human Disease – now you’d think I’d adore this, but I remember spending hours on the first half of this module. There was a lot going on but then the second half was very much what I am interested in (so much so that I did a mini dance when the lectures were released), so I didn’t mind the long lectures. Mixed bag.

One World Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases – loved this module. I would nearly look forward to these lectures. We touched upon them previously (perhaps in Health and the Community?) and I would love to have a job where you get dispatched around the world and help people. This was along the lines of malaria etc but also was closer to home with coronavirus. Really enjoyed this module. 

Optional modules:

Science Communication – I’m not sure what it will be like when not online, but these were the highlight of my week. This module encouraged you to learn a different writing style from all the essays and papers you’re used to. Being put in virtual groups ensured individuals weren’t all on their own during lockdown. A LOT of effort went into my assessment, but I still enjoyed the module.

Principles of Development – I was worried the content would be a mixture of genetics and biochemistry, but I was pleasantly surprised. This module was the best module in that my lecturers would keep lecture-length appropriate. I was struggling to decide between this module and oncology, but I am glad I chose this module because the lecturers were fantastic. You really felt like they cared about you and would strive to answer any questions you might have.

Extreme Environmental Biology – if you choose this module, brace yourself for some long days! The content was spot on. I loved learning about these incredible organisms which can survive crazy conditions, but the lectures were extremely time consuming. However, in the defence of this module, there were fewer lectures than in other modules so that evens it out?

Medical Virology – I actually kinda loved this module too. There are loads of different parts to it: lectures, diary entries and workshops. Lectures were cool, I liked them even more than in second year. The diary was interesting, but it did hang over me a lot so don’t leave everything to the last minute! Workshops were the best because I had the nicest group ever. Also found the module leader of this to work very hard for us all. 

Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed all of my modules. Truly. Of course, some of them were less interesting than others, but I am pleased with the options I chose, and I like the core modules we had to study. If I could go back and re-select, I’d pick exactly the same.

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