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A Level Results Day

WARNING – long story post

It’s that time of year again. It’s a weird day, knowing that what is said on one piece of paper will determine where you’ll be living and what you’ll be doing for the next 3/4 years or so. So today I thought I’d tell my weird A Level results day story again.

My A Level results day was a nightmare.

Let’s just do this chronologically.

In anticipation (and hope) of us getting into university, my friends and I had organised a night out after getting our results (as well as our regularly scheduled 5 a side game that evening). The plan was: wake up, get amazing results, celebrate with family, 5 a side game, evening and night out with my mates who would also be celebrating their results in Leeds. We’d hoped it was going to be a great day, although I was terrified about my maths result. I’m rubbish at maths, and worked so stupidly hard for maths I was just praying it didn’t let me down and ruin my day and chances of getting into Warwick.

I woke up, didn’t sleep particularly well. Went downstairs for breakfast and received a million texts from people telling me they’d got in, that the UCAS site had updated early and we could find out if we’ve got in.

Naturally, I logged in as fast as I could, but nothing had changed on the site for me. My unconditional insurance offer for Economics at Lancaster was there, but nothing from Warwick. I wasn’t too concerned at this point, maybe mine just hadn’t updated yet. The morning went on and still no change, even after the UCAS deadline for updating the site. Now I was slightly concerned, I hadn’t been rejected by Warwick, but I hadn’t been accepted either.

I jumped in my car and drove into school so I could collect my results and see what I got. At the time, I had a 2002 Nissan Micra Twister, a fine machine if ever there was one. It wasn’t the fastest of vehicles and died a few months later after it became impossible to get it into reverse gear, or first, or third. But for this drive it broke all Nissan Micra Twister speed records as I drove in as fast as I could (all within the speed limit of course…).

I got into school and walked briskly (I didn’t want to be seen to be running to get my results) up the 4 flights of stairs to get to the library where our brown envelopes of doom lay. I found and opened mine, knowing I needed AAA to get into Management at Warwick (excluding General Studies of course).

Maths – A (get in, that stupid amount of work paid off)

Economics – A (fine with that, would’ve liked an A* in this but perfectly happy with an A)

General Studies – A* (sweet, but sadly irrelevant)

English Language – B (what?! I got a high A* in my coursework and A/A*s all year in our mock exams – I was predicted an A* and the exam went well!)

I looked into the individual exam results and I’d got an A in every exam (I was thrilled and surprised with this) except for the English Language paper, which I got a D in.

I was so confused, I thought the exam went really well! I spoke to my English Language friends and the same thing happened with them. Lots of Ds and Es in the exam!

After a quick bit of maths I ended up 7ums off an A overall in English. 7ums off Warwick.

Still nothing on UCAS, I hadn’t been rejected or accepted into Warwick. A mate of mine got onto his AAB course with ABC that day, so I was still hopeful.

I called Warwick to find out what was going on. They explained that if nothing had changed on UCAS then they’re still making a decision, and they would call me when they knew more.

In the meantime, I filled in the relevant forms for an urgent remark of my English Language paper – my logic was that English is a fairly subjective subject, and I’d consistently scored higher in the past, so I was hopeful of some change in the mark. I got this sent off the same day, I wanted to hear back as soon as possible.

After all this mayhem, I went back home. Most of my mates now knew where they’d be next year, and were celebrating getting into their first choice university. I was at home waiting for a call from Warwick. It was a pretty awful wait. Eventually I got a call, it was Warwick. The lady on the phone explained that the course was oversubscribed this year, and the course was full. She then went on to offer me a place on another course, namely Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship, but I didn’t think that was really for me, so I declined. She explained that the only way they’d be able to let me onto the course at Warwick would be if my marks changed to meet my AAA offer. A big red ‘X’ then appeared next to the course name on UCAS.

So I had a choice, I could accept my unconditional offer from Lancaster and head up there to study Economics, or wait on the remark and gamble on getting in to Warwick to do Management.

No time to think about it then though… I had to head off to 5 a side with my mates then a celebratory night out in Leeds. They’d all got into their first choice universities and were celebrating, I was far from celebrating!

About a week went by, still not knowing where I was going to end up in a few months time. Eventually, I got an email from school regarding my remark.

Attached was a PDF with the result of the remark.

My mark had gone up. It had gone up by 10ums. I’d got my AAA.

I called mum straightaway to tell her. Then Warwick to confirm my place. After sending across proof of the remark, they confirmed my place on UCAS, the big red ‘X’ turned to a big green tick, and I was in.

Overall a pretty dreadful week, but I scraped in in the end.

Top tip from me? If you just miss out and it’s a fairly subjective subject (like English) then get a remark. Could well be worth it! It was for me.

That’s all for now, best of luck for your results day!


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