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A Level Results Day

It’s now just a few days until the long wait for A Level results is over, but at least you’ve already experienced the nerves of opening the results envelope after GCSEs. At university you get your results before the end of term, so after my second year exams I found out my results just under two weeks after my last exam, so this was much appreciated!

So what advice do I give for the day?

 It is understandably a very tense and stressful day, but your teachers, friends and family are there to support and advise you. There are many options to consider and it is so important to think carefully about what you are doing. Teachers are experienced in this and are the best people to seek advice from.

·       I would suggest that you go on UCAS first thing to see if you have got a place at your first choice university or at your insurance choice. If you have a place, that’s great and you’re all sorted! Now you can start thinking about accommodation, but different universities sort this out differently. Warwick don’t open applications for a few weeks after results day, but some universities may open earlier. There are many Freshers groups to join on social media, such as Facebook, and this can give you the chance to chat to people on your course or accommodation group. You can also start looking into the Freshers events you may want to attend. But try not to just assume you have definitely met the required grades as sometimes the uni may take you with lower grades. However, you are in and that is important!

 ·       If you have not got into your first choice, don’t despair but wait and see what your overall results are as you will need to get a full picture of your results before taking any action. If you have narrowly missed your grade/s, you may want to consider getting a remark for several or one of the papers in that subject. From personal experience, my Chemistry A Level went up a grade after I got several papers remarked, so it can happen. But do bear in mind that marks can go down as well as up, and that you do have to pay upfront for the remarks (this is refunded if your grade goes up). The remarking is also done promptly as they are aware of the urgency. It is also worth keeping the Admissions Tutor at your first choice university advised of the process.

·       If  after opening your results,  you find that the A Level in the subject that you intend to study hasn’t gone as well as planned and that you have excelled in another subject, you may decide to pursue your degree in that field instead. You will have to be released from your insurance choice before being able to apply through clearing. Then you can start calling universities and enquiring if they have places.

 ·       If you do better than expected, you can think about applying through adjustment and going to a university with higher entry requirements than your predicted grades.

Lastly, I wish you the best of luck to you all on Thursday!



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