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A level results 2017

So here I am again – part of a wonderful and helpful Clearing and Confirmation hotline team that is assisting with the A Level exam results this year at the University of Warwick.

Tears, frustration and grief were some of the negative emotions I perceived from the unsuccessful applicants, and sometimes the people that were surrouding them, too. However, the ones that were arriving at Warwick this September were overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction of knowing that they’ve secured their university place. I realise how important A level results day is to everyone. It certainly was to me when I took my own A Level examinations as you’d be studying at that university for the next 3/4 years (possibly even 5 years if you do Medicine). However, I’m under the impression that this doesn’t have to determine your lifepath entirely. There are so many remarkable, successful people out there that got to their position purely based on their hard work and talent, and maybe they didn’t even have the availability to go to university. Perhabs they didn’t want to go to university.

If you happen to have a bad day on the day of results, realise that you have given your best efforts for it. See results day as a reflection of how the two-year journey has turned out rather than an instant decisionmaker on how triumphant you’ll be in the future. There are always a lot more options including remarks, retakes, foundation courses as well as apprenticeships. Unfortunately, these are many options I wasn’t able to mention to, especially disheartened, people on phone calls. I was conscious of their time and their right to decide for themselves as well. Sometimes it’s best for them to just be able to collect their thoughts.

Getting into university at the age of 18 seems important at the time, but sometimes it isn’t. You should always choose something that you feel comfortable with. Choosing something because your family pushes you towards it or simply because your friends are going isn’t the way forward with life. Decide for yourself.

I hope many of you that received their results today were able to get into a course they were genuinely passionate about and for those of you that didn’t, I hope you walked out with the contentment that you worked hard for these set of results – you unmistakenly should.

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