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A House of 5 Girls: Expectations Versus Reality

It gets to a certain point in first year when you realize you have to start looking for somewhere to live off campus next year. This thought became apparent to me and my friends at around Christmas time last year, and we soon split into two groups and started looking for places. It became obvious very quickly that I was going to be living with four other girls, a thought that slightly daunted me.


Throughout my childhood I had always seemed to get on better with boys. Most of my friends were male, and I found that it was far too easy to have spats and fallings out with my female peers. Despite living with a mother and sister at home, the idea of living with all girls at university too was something that I had never thought would happen. I’d heard stories about the cattiness of completely female university houses, and was already slightly apprehensive.


However, after an amazing holiday together visiting our housemate in Finland we truly cemented the friendship, and now that we’ve lived here a month I can confirm (touch wood) that living with all girls is actually pretty great.


Pros (to name just a few):

–          – Four like-minded shoulders to cry on

–          – Regular nights binge watching ‘Friends’ with popcorn and various junk food

–          – Always someone to approve your outfit or borrow clothes from

–          – Hours of gossip (what’s said on the sofa stays on the sofa!)

–          – Open period talk

–          – Relationship and dating advice

–          – The best hugs



–          – Hair. Everywhere. (… but it’s mostly mine, so I can’t complain!)


Overall, I can’t quite believe my luck.




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