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A Guide to Societies and Sports Clubs

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At university there’s always a lot going on! And sometimes – whether you’re a first or a final year – it is difficult to know what events are going on and where to find them!

Outside of your subject and team sports, it can be hard to decide which societies to join. This is a whistle stop tour of some of my favourite societies to give a brief taster of what they get up to.

Classical and Modern Dance Society

CMD offers weekly beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes in Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz and Contemporary.  It also hosts weekly Pointe, Commercial, Flex and Tech and Specialise classes. The Specialise classes change weekly; this week’s is a Christmas Heels routine to Destiny’s Child open to all levels!

Dance lessons are free for the first two weeks of term one and the first week of term two, and during reading week. Outside of these weeks, each lesson costs £2.50 or £15.00 for a term pass.

CMD also hosts a range of showcases giving plenty of opportunity to perform what you learn! For higher level dancers there are also chances to compete with other universities.

Like many sports club, CMD also offers a very full social calendar including Circles before “Pop!”, club meals and bar crawls.

Warwick Discourse

An informal debating society that hosts talks every Tuesday evening on current and provocative topics. Anyone is welcome to come along and join the debate, even if just to listen!

The past two topics discussed were: “Should the way we perceive refugees be changed?” and “The harms of hook-up culture.”.


Line is a Fashion and Arts Society that hosts an annual fashion show and runs a blog covering fashion, health and beauty, arts, lifestyle, and travel. So, whether you want to be a model, a designer or a writer, there’s space for everyone to get involved and express their creativity! It also runs other events throughout the year such as an upcoming sustainable clothes sale.

Warwick Language Society

This society gives you the opportunity to learn new languages from fellow students, scratch up on your current skills or even teach a lesson in a language you are fluent in. Language lessons with the society are free and cover Beginner and Intermediate levels in languages including Korean, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish and German.

Every fortnight WLS also hosts a “Language Café” where you can informally practice the language of your choice amongst other events such as a “Multicultural Party” where everyone brings a dish from a country that they consider home!

Mixed Hockey Club

UWMXDHC is a sports club catering to all genders and all levels of hockey. It offers three training sessions a week and matches with the chance to compete across universities for more experienced players. Just like CMD, it is a sports club that also comes with a packed social calendar!

Granted, occasionally being part of many societies can feel hard to juggle! However, never put yourself under pressure to go to every event – pick and choose what interests you! You can always bring a friend or two along if you’re a bit nervous to attend a society where you’re not a regular member, but either way – feel assured you will be just as welcomed! 😊

For the easiest way to stay up to date with societies, follow their Instagram and Facebook pages. Find out more about other societies and sports clubs on offer here: https://www.warwicksu.com/societies-sports/ .

IndonesiaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Laeticia Junanto | Mathematics (MMath) with Study in Europe Contact Laeticia

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