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A Guide to Results Day

All too well do I remember the nervous anticipation for results day, and it makes me so happy that I didn’t have to wait that long for my exam results this year! It’s always best to try and remain positive, though also be prepared just in case the results aren’t quite what you hoped for.

Before my A-Level results day, I was told to take along various things, just in case. These included:

  • UCAS number
  • Firm university and course
  • Insurance university and course
  • Reference details
  • Phone
  • Pen
  • AS results
  • Personal Statement
  • These items are really just to cover your back in case your results aren’t quite what you wanted, and you need to contact either of your university choices or go through clearing or adjustment. There might be staff on hand at your school or college on the day to help guide you through your next steps, so it could be worth checking out who will be available.

Practical tips aside, my main advice would be just to relax (easier said than done I know!) By results day you will have done all the work that you need to and there is nothing you can do that can change your results. I believe that everything will work out in the end, and that you can still end up having the time of your life whichever university you end up going to, be that your firm, insurance, clearing or adjustment choice!

If you get accepted to come to Warwick; congratulations! I hope that you will be as over the moon as I was when I found out my results, and then later when I got my Welcome to Warwick pack through the post! (Last year there was a banner in the pack that I enjoyed way too much.) All that’s left now is to start getting excited for coming to Warwick…

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