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A guide to A Level results day 2017

A lot of Year 13s will be expecting to receive their A Level results back this August. I thought I’d aim this specific blog post at them, because some of them might actually not know what to expect on results day (I certainly didn’t when I received my own results).

So here is what happened when I received my own A Level results:

1. I got the clearing app beforehand and had access to the telegraph, where clearing vacancies were published on the morning of results day.

2. I logged onto UCAS Track on the day to find out if I got into my firm, insurance or was entered into clearing. Luckily, I got into my firm choice (Warwick).

3. For most people in my year this meant that if they were happy with their firm or insurance choice, there was nothing further to do for them.

4. For others however they were either entered into clearing, or were no longer happy with their choice. They were able to take up a couple of different options: clearing or adjustment. One had to know the difference between both to be able to apply for either of them.

5. Clearing in the 2015 cycle was for those that didn’t make the offer, fell short on their grades or applied after the 26th June through UCAS. (As a tip, if anyone is entered into clearing, use the app, UCAS search or the telegraph to shortlist any courses and institutions that appeal to you. Ring up those releavant institutions and ask if they’d be happy to make you a verbal, conditional offer).

6. During the same cycle, adjustment was for those that exceeded the grade requirement that their firm choice insisted on. E.g achieving A*AA instead of AAA. However, the procedure is pretty much the same as clearing.

Whatever the outcome is, try to take it all on a positive note! At the end of the day, even though this day is very important to many of us, it is not the end of the world if you haven’t done as well as you hoped to. You tried your hardest and that’s all that matters.

I helped out during clearing last year for Warwick University, hence if anyone has any questions regarding the clearing process feel free to drop me a comment below.

Also, since this is written from my own experience, which was two years ago now, I’m aware that the procedure regarding the receiving of results or UCAS could change when it comes to your own results. The best advice from me is probably to call up the UCAS team itself, if there’s any confusion at all.

Good luck for results day guys!

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