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A guide on Accomodation

As I promised in the last blog, this entry is more about elaborating on the other halls of residence apart from Rootes.

1) Bluebell:

This is another Stereotype of Warwick, the posh area of Warwick. From unconfirmed sources, I have heard that kids from Bluebell send their butlers to collect their post from Westwood. This hall is just behind Rootes. Some argue that the only thing that is between Rootes and Bluebell is the ‘Poverty Line’. Jokes apart, this is a fantastic hall to live in. It is quite expensive but it is worthwhile for what it offers. The building is very new, right near central campus and rooms give the feel of more expensive hotels. The rooms boasts a double bed and are quite spacious in size with en suite facilities.

2) Westwood:

This hall enjoys the honor of being another highlight of Coventry, sorry I meant another highlight of Warwick Uni (if you count Westwood in campus). I often hear rumors that you require a visa to enter the vicinity of Westwood. Apart from these typical Yik yak fiery yaks, Westwood is another hall that is appropriately priced and offers quite good facilities. As it is with all halls, Westwood could be a fantastic experience if you find nice flat mates there. The good news for those online shoppers is that it is near the post room and closer to Tesco than some halls. However, the only apparent weakness is its farness from campus, a 15-20 minute walk from campus. Although, this is not the biggest worry of life as the University does operate a shuttle bus from Post room to Central campus.

3) Heronbank:

This is the hall where I have spent almost as much time as I have done in Rootes. These halls come with the benefit of larger rooms and en suite facilities. The less scarier part is you share a kitchen with much lesser number of people than you do in Rootes. This place can be an exciting experience if you get nice flatmates. However, this hall comes with a healthy warning to all lazy people like me, it is almost a 15 minute walk away from campus. I cannot imagine myself going through such walks every day for lectures.

4) Lakeside:

These halls are just next to Heronbank and are almost similar. They come with en suite facilities and rooms are nicer. It also offers a study area named as ‘Lakeside Learning Grid’. An aesthetic for all Heronbank and Lakeside residents is the beautiful lake running across in the middle of these halls. However, this river bank also gives home to the famous ‘Warwick Ducks’. If you do not mind being woken up to duck’s call on some mornings, then these places may not be a bad idea to live in.

5) Sherbourne:

Sherbourne is a hall that was inaugurated just a few years back. This gives it a nicer building. It feels quite modern inside and the building is quite beautiful. Students for this reason have recently developed a penchant for selecting Sherbourne as their top choices. The only drawback of Sherbourne for me is its farness from campus, easily a 15 minute walk again.

6) Whitefields:

fi This is officially the cheapest hall on campus. This is based on a different setup to all other halls, these are small houses of 9-12 people. The houses are quite small and many people are not entirely satisfied with the built of these halls. However, it is one of the most central halls on campus. You are in for a nightmare or a chill, all depending on the kind of housemates you get for a year.

7) Athur Vick/ Jack Martin:

I have never been to JM but these halls are right next to each other. I will use my knowledge of AV to enlighten you. Arthur Vick is very nicely built and the corridor feels like a posh hotel lobby. The rooms are aesthetic with en suite facilities. These halls are almost right on campus too. One major drawback or a benefit (depends), is the 30 week let of these halls. This means you have to empty these rooms for your winter/ Spring breaks which can be quite tough for international students.

8) Cryfield:

Cryfield is another cheap option with not so big rooms. However, it offers a large common room and decently sized kitchen. The rooms are quite small with prison like corridor which can be justified for what you pay. Another drawback/ benefit here is the 30 weeks let.

9) Tocil:

I have never been to Tocil, however haven’t heard a lot of negative feedback. One complaint was that the rooms don’t even have a wash basin.

All in all, I believe you know the drill. Choose Rootes, and try to make your University experience more enjoyable. However, I will repeat what I have written quite a few times, it all depends on your flat mates. You may also be locked with nonexistent, boring or quiet people in Rootes or may end up with people who are up for a Monday night night-out in Westwood. However, any hall cannot be unbearable as you definitely have the chance to meet people outside your halls of residence.

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