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A final farewell & some final advice for you

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I can’t quite believe that this is my last every blog post for OurWarwick. I have loved so much sharing with you my experiences, my tips and tricks and generally just having the opportunity to openly reminisce over the highs and lows of the past 3 years.

I would also just like to quickly add that I am so grateful for Justin from PAIS for giving me this opportunity, and to Laura and Sarah in the marketing team for supporting me along the way!

So, it’s time for a final trip down memory lane.

From messy pre-drinks in Rootes to completely widening my world-view and political perceptions through studying PAIS.

From a dozen of us cramming into a tiny room to watch Love Island with our ben & jerries to celebrating our graduation 3 years later.

From 6am trips home from Kasbah, to waking up at 6am to do final dissertation changes.

From solo travelling around Morocco and Thailand in my summers, to flat holidays in Spain.

These past few years are something I will never forget.

It feels like a lifetime ago that my parents left me in my little Rootes room, and I was suddenly sharing a kitchen with 22 other people I’d never met before in a part of the country I had never been to before. It has undoubtedly shaped me as a person, and I feel as If I am leaving University far more confident, outgoing and happy. To top it off, I have gained some great friends along the way.

And now, it’s time for me to begin the next chapter of my life. Which, at the moment, isn’t awfully exciting. Right now, I was supposed to be travelling around Vietnam. Which, of course, is a little different from what I am actually doing (which is sat in my bedroom with a pack of chocolate digestives whilst I write this).

Naturally, I have no clue when this will change, or when I will be able to finally set off and embark upon all of the travel plans that I had been saving up for over the past year or two. As my plan was always to take some time to travel and work abroad before starting my career, things are a little on hold for the time being, but that’s ok.

Luckily, I’ve got a bit of blogging and work here and there to keep me busy (and just about financially stable) and I’ve finished my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course that will hopefully enable me to do some online tutoring in the coming months. Plus, hopefully some teaching abroad when the world opens back up. Fingers crossed.

Thing are a little weird right now. But, I am lucky enough to have not been as badly effected by this time as many have been, and I am lucky that my family and friends are healthy. It may be an inconvenience that all of my plans have been put on hold, but it really is just an inconvenience. Plus, it’s not like it’s just my life on hold, the whole world has been put on hold.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to take a step back from of our fast-paced world, take a breath and really appreciate what we all have, what we want to do next and the things that really need to change.

On a slightly different note, I thought it would make sense to include my final bits of advice for you as I end my time at University. Whether you’re studying at Warwick at the moment, are just about to start or are contemplating which University you want to go to. These are my very best top tips.

  1. Put yourself out there

When it comes to University, you really have the opportunity to shape and form your own experience. You can make of it what you want. Whether that be dedicating most of your time to your academics and gaining some valuable work experience. Or, getting your degree alongside plenty of time partying, joining societies and meeting new people. It really is down to you to make this happen, and it might not just fall into your lap. So, join that society. Say hello to that friendly looking person in your seminar. Grab every opportunity you get. I promise you it’ll make all the difference. At the end of the day, you get out what you put in.

2. And the same goes for your course

As I said before, you get out what you put in, and this remains absolutely true for your course. In some courses, you can scrape by not attending lectures, zoning out in seminars and half-heartedly skimming over a reading or two. And this seems great, at least it did to me in the beginning.

But, it’s important to remember why you are at University, and why you chose to do the course that you did. I realised there was so much learning that I was missing out on, and that I was becoming ignorant and turning a blind eye to things I’d always been fascinated about. That’s when I decided I really wanted to make a change and make an effort with my course, and I honestly think this is so important, especially if it’s something you are truly passionate about.

3. Savour every moment

Life passes you by fast at the best of times. University is a whole other level. Those 3 or 4 years will have flown by before you know it, and suddenly you’re applying for grad jobs or planning your next-steps.

So, stop and take in some of the happiest moments, the times where you’re surrounded by the best of friends in a place you love, or when you’re delving into the depths of politics in your seminars. These things will pass you by, and you’ve really got to try your best to not take them for granted.

For me, I wish I’d done this a little more in my First Year, and that I’d documented a little more of the great times we’d had every single day of the year.

4. Think ahead with your career

It’s really easy (trust me) to go through your few years of University not really thinking seriously about what you’re going to do afterwards, especially if you’re doing a degree that doesn’t directly lead into a career or many of the grad schemes out there.

It might seem like a great idea to put the thought out of your mind and just go with the flow, but the best thing you can do during your time at University is gain experience, and begin to think about how to start pursuing a career. Whether that be work experience, volunteering or roles within societies, all of this experience will help you when it comes to find your career, and will give you a little bit of a head start. So, look into the work experience and the internship options and think about what will really help you get where you want to be. And, if you don’t know where you want to be, keeping your options open is absolutely fine and gaining work experience will only help this.

5. Get a good work/life balance

You’re probably not going to get this right from the get-go, but it’s definitely something to work on as you go through your time at University. Put simply, you can go out a lot, but don’t go out so much that you have no time or energy for your course, looking after yourself or any extra-curricular bits. Similarly, it’s great to work hard, but not so hard you don’t have time to meet people, get involved with societies and gain experience outside of your degree. Balance is everything.

6. Look after yourself

On a similar note, you have got to look after yourself. It is so easy to fall into a routine of not eating well, not doing any exercise and not looking after your physical or mental wellbeing. This is especially the case in First Year when you may not have ever had so much responsibility over looking after yourself for the first time. Suddenly, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can eat whatever you want. Avoid anything you want. Be as lazy as you want. But, this can lead to a really unhealthy lifestyle and poor wellbeing. So, it’s super important to invest plenty of time and effort into your wellbeing to ensure you are looking after yourself whilst you are also having loads of fun and/or working really hard.

And that’s it from me!

Thank you so much to any of you that have taken time out of your days to read my blogs or watch my video diaries. I wish you all the very best of luck in everything you do, and good luck to all of my fellow bloggers as they go through the rest of their times at Universities or are moving onto the next chapter of their lives.

Let’s see where life takes us!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Amelia Stone | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Amelia

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