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A Day Trip to Kenilworth

So most people at Warwick University know about Royal Leamington Spa and Coventry; and if not, where have you been?! Leamington is where most students live after their first year, and is also the setting of shopping trips, numerous pub crawls and club nights throughout the year. The university is technically in Coventry, though students often visit the city to go to the club Kasbah or go shopping as well. But what about Kenilworth? After passing through the small town many times on the bus to Leamington, after exams had finished I decided to have a day trip to Kenilworth.

Luckily the weather held out, and when we set off for Kenilworth the sun was shining! The path for Kenilworth starts from behind Cryfield Sports Pavilion and from there is really well signed as it follows a public bridleway and cycle path. I was really surprised how quickly the scenery became rural; the Warwick bubble makes it easy to forget that campus is in the countryside! After about an hour, and only taking a wrong turn a couple of times, we ended up in a bit of Kenilworth we recognised from the bus route.

Kenilworth is a lot smaller than Leamington and so there are fewer things to do, but luckily for us there are lots of restaurants! We ended up eating in a really nice pub behind Kenilworth Castle, fittingly called the Queen and Castle, which I would absolutely recommend! The food was tasty and not too expensive, and the surroundings were really lovely. There was also an outside eating area, which I bet is wonderful on a summer’s evening.

We didn’t visit the Castle, but from what I remember from the firework display last November it is quite nice, and next year I’ll try and visit it properly; it seems a shame to be studying on campus so close to Kenilworth and not have a couple more trips there! There was a lot more to Kenilworth than I had previously realised, and it was a fab post-exam day trip!

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