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A day out in: Warwick

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As I was living in Leamington Spa this year, Warwick was the closest and most convenient day out for me to go on. Apart from a school trip to Warwick Castle when I was about 12, I hadn’t been to Warwick before coming to university. I really enjoy going there – it’s easy to get to, pretty, and can be as budget friendly as I want it to be (also, you can’t not go while you’re a Warwick student, right?). Here’s a few things I’ve enjoyed doing over the past year in Warwick.

Walking to Warwick from Leamington

The walk from Leamington to Warwick doesn’t take too long, and is really nice. You walk along the canal until you see a metal staircase on the right, go down it, turn right, and follow the river. I’d say it takes around 45 minutes each way (though I’ve never timed it), and it’s free to do!

Warwick Castle

The most famous thing to do in Warwick. I went to the castle recently with a friend who was visiting, and we really enjoyed it (we used a student discount from StudentBeans to get money off our tickets, which is still available at the time of writing). I’m glad we went, but it is obviously a more expensive attraction, so it’s more of a one-off thing to do for me.


The Warwick market is on Saturdays. I really enjoy having a look around – it’s mainly had food stalls when I’ve been there, but there’s a few other local businesses selling things like soap. I find that it’s a really lovely, chilled way for me to spend a Saturday morning, and I always try to go to Warwick on market day.

High street

I love walking along Warwick’s high street. There’s a lot of independent shops and cafes, which I like as there’s always something a bit different to be found. I also went for afternoon tea in Warwick with a friend as an end of year celebration, and it was one of the highlights of the year.

So that’s a few of the things I’d recommend doing in Warwick. I hope it’s been useful and provided some day trip inspiration for you!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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