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A day in the life of an Economics student

Hi everyone! I thought I’d write about my day to help show what it’s like being an Economics student at Warwick, whilst revealing some differences between school and university life. My favourite part about University is that everyday is different; socially and academically. So if you’re interested, here is how I spent my day.

Today started like every other day. When I don’t go out the night before, I wake up at 6:30am (I am definitely a morning person unlike my flatmates who I’ve have never seen before 11am). I live in Leamington Spa which is a beautiful town with a huge variety of shops, nightlife and events. In-fact, BBC recently voted it the happiest place to live in Britain! It takes about 20 minutes on the bus to get from Leamington to campus so I normally get into uni just after 8am. This morning I went to the Learning Grid to revise until 12 as during the next couple of weeks I have a test for each of my modules (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics and Spanish for International Business). The Rootes Learning Grid is my favourite place to study as it is split into two sections; a silent study room with large desks and computers, and an area for group-work with whiteboards and comfy chairs. I then caught up with my friends over lunch (where I normally have leftovers which I heat up in the microwaves on campus or a ham butty).

The interesting part of my day started at 1pm with my micro seminar (seminars are made up of around 15 students and we have one a week for each of our modules). In seminars we go over problem sets with a tutor (generally a PHD student) to help gain a deeper understanding of the topic and to clarify any difficulties from the lectures. As we have a micro test next week worth 9% of our final grade in the module, in today’s seminar we did a mock test, which I genuinely enjoyed! This probably shows that microeconomics is my favourite module; especially as we are learning about uncertainty and expected utility theory which has a focus on behavioural economics (which fascinates me)! At 2pm I had a macro lecture (our lectures are held in large theatres as there are nearly 400 students studying Economics). Then at 3pm it was time for my econometrics seminar, followed by my micro lecture.

From 6-7pm I went to Taekwondo where we trained in preparation for our grading on Saturday (which I won’t be able to attend as I will be in London); nonetheless it was an enjoyable session. I then had a Teach First presentation evening at the Oculus (one of my favourite buildings on campus) which was an amazing opportunity to learn more about their insight programme, whilst having the opportunity to network with offer holders and the Recruitment Lead for Warwick. This evening the Economics Department organised for the staff and students to go bowling to Leamington Spa which sadly I couldn’t make. However, there is always so much going on at Warwick that it’s impossible to do everything! After my long day, I got back to Leamington at about 9pm and watched some telly with my housemates (aka my Warwick family). I am now off to bed at 10:30pm whilst my housemates will probably stay up playing FIFA and tackling assignments until about 2am!

In my future posts I’m hoping to talk about: why I chose Warwick, the course content and structure of an Economics degree, along with tips for choosing on-campus accommodation and what to bring to uni. I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post and if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to blog about, let me know in the comments below!

See you all soon 🙂 x

  • Nikita Asnani

    Hi ! Thank you for sharing your experience with us I am a first year Econ student…Microeconomics is my favorite module and I am interested in pursuing behavioral economics. Could you pls advise me as to how I should approach my career (skills and experience required)….any particular career /work experience opportunities you’d suggest looking out for ?


    • Isabel Higginson Economics

      Hi Nikita, sorry for the extremely slow reply. This was just like me in first year and I was initially interested in behavioural economic consultancy. I emailed a few small consultancies to see if I were able to shadow any during the Christmas break and I spent a week at one in London. Although I loved the experience, I decided I wanted to implement behavioural economics in my work but my sole focus to be on consumer goods. Therefore, I got an internship at Kraft Heinz and now a graduate job there but I believe this was down to my passion for behavioural economics which they heavily focus on. I think what’s important is to love what you do and employers really notice this at interview. If you were interested in behavioural economic consulting, it’s worth looking at pursuing a Masters after you graduate. Hope this helps 🙂


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