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A day in the life of a year abroad student: PART 2

[Continuation…] 6:35pm Get the metro home. At this time, unsurprisingly the metro is packed. Definitely not a nice experience especially in the heat. 7:12pm Arrive back at Baquedano station and make the short walk down Parque Bustamante to calle Juana de Lestonac (aka. home). 10727559_6***** *** ***_199709680_n.jpg Our street in the midst of yet another protest last week 7:15pm Arrive home. Quickly unpack my books and Skype my mum. When I first came to Chile, this wasn’t always possible on Wednesdays and Mondays when I got home late, as there was a 5 hour time difference. However when the clocks changed here last month (which coincidently made me miss all my classes of the day before realising what was going on), this was reduced to 4 hours, and now with the clocks in England having changed, is now only 3 hours difference. Crazy right considering I am practically on the edge of the world over here?! 7:53pm Head downstairs to make myself dinner and catch up with some of my flat mates if they are home. photo_1_9.jpg Fish, salad and spinach tagliatelle 8:30pm Finish eating dinner. I spend some time checking my emails, wasting time on Facebook, and if this was any other day I would now have a shower. However today is Wednesday, meaning Miercoles Po’ of course. This is probably Warwick’s equivalent of POP but without the cheese, and a night dedicated to international students. The location changes every week and if we are going clubbing, this is the night we go. 10:00-12:30pm ¡Previas! For pre-drinks, this really depends on our mood and who is going out. Whilst sometimes these are held in friends’ apartments, often we will just head to the Bellavista area which is known as the bohemian quarters of Santiago and conveniently just a short walk from our place. Being so central is amazing. As well as being the source of some of Chile’s best ethnic and local cuisine, in the evening you will find the area buzzing with bars, clubs and street performers running the length of Pío Nono. 1:00-3:30am Miercoles Po’ 3:30(ish) am Head home. The Chileans are notorious for staying up until the early hours of the morning. In fact 3:30am is considered far too early for them, but I’m sorry I can never seem to manage it past then. So whilst the Chileans go on to their ‘after parties’, we head home. You can probably now understand why we don’t go out clubbing that often. After a weekend of travelling and a week of classes all in ‘Chilean’, it’s no wonder every night I crash out and more often than not don’t even make it to Miercoles Po’!! 4:00am After having my traditional before-bed cereal, yoghurt and fruit, I have to have a shower. Some things just never change. My ‘3:00 shower’ as it became known amongst my flat mates at Warwick last year has now got even later. In fact one night whilst out here in Chile, I was showering at 5am after Miercoles Po’… might as well not have even bothered going to bed right? 4:35am b Collapse into bed.

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