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A Day in the Life of a Student

Now that my exams have finished (yay!) I thought I’d give you a taste of what a uni student can do when they have no lectures or work to do. Here’s what I did yesterday:

I had no reason to get up early but I did it anyway, although does 9:30am actually count as early? I’d say it does considering I had no compelling reason to get out of bed; no idea what gave me the motivation. I did my laundry in the morning using the nightmare that is Circuit Laundry (the machines regularly break and eat up your money).

For lunch, I had my usual: two ham and cheese toasties with tomato soup and orange juice and grapes on the side (3 of my 5 a day right there). Seriously if there’s one thing you should invest in before coming to uni, it’s a toastie maker! Mine was only £5 from Wilko (bargain) and I literally never get bored of toasties, though admittedly I could be a tad more experimental with my fillings.

After lunch, I headed to Tesco (unfortunately as 15-20 minute walk from Redfern) to stock up my fridge and cupboards which had been getting alarmingly empty during exams. I usually spend up to £25 at Tesco and I go every 1-2 weeks. Throughout the week, I spend up to £10 at Rootes Grocery store on campus for things I get through a lot of such as milk, juice and bread.

When I got back I settled down to watch a bit of Netflix. Honestly, I would not recommend Netflix at uni as it is very easy for people to binge watch and get distracted from work. Fortunately, I’m very self-restrained as I never really watched loads of telly as home, so I rarely watch more than episode of something in a day. I then headed off to the Sports Centre for a swim. I’m not a serious swimmer but I had to pay £60 for a sports silver membership at the beginning of the year to be able to join any sports clubs; access to the pool is included in that so I thought I may as well make the most of it.

I always cook for dinner (like every good student should 😉). I had diced chicken with pasta, carrots and broccoli. I used my own special sauce invention, made up of Bisto gravy, Dolmio and milk (I know it sounds weird but it’s really nice!). For pudding, I had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream; I made it my ambition to buy as many different flavours of Ben and Jerry’s as possible over the year and I’m doing fairly well. It’s also regularly half price in Tesco and Rootes Grocery Store in case you were wondering (why wouldn’t you be).

In the evening, I headed to Terrace Bar to meet up with some friends. This is the main bar on campus and the drinks prices are surprisingly ok. There’s also a lovely inside and outside area with a really friendly and relaxed vibe.

Of course, there are other things you can do with your time, even while lectures are running, such as volunteering or getting a job. I prefer to work in the holidays though so that I can make the most of the opportunities available at uni during term time. I hope you’ve found this useful. As always if you have any questions, just leave a comment in the box below!

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