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A Day In The Life Of A Fresher

Freshers’ Week will fly by, trust me. With all the faces and places and all the activities that Warwick has on offer, as well as attending your introductory lectures – you’ll be more than occupied.

However, what happens after the initial buzz? You’ll be settled in, you’ll have a timetable, and you’ll probably set into a routine too. I know that for some of you, you might not know what this might be like – for this reason, I created a rough outline of how my day-to-day shenanigans were during my first year.

Let’s take typical Monday in the life of Mél:

8:15 am: Wake up. I lived on central campus in Roots, so everything was close to me. My seminars were mostly held in the Humanities building too, which meant that it only took me about 5 mins to walk there. (More time in bed, woohoo!)

8:30 am: Make breakfast. I often felt that breakfast was the only meal of the day that I had at a set time, because lunches and dinners would be fit around my daily activities. I cannot stress enough the importance of breakfast and how having a good breakfast is really beneficial for not only your body but your brain as well. It’s important not to skip it, and I would always make time to grab something before I left the flat. I would often make myself some porridge, but on days that I was in a rush, I would grab myself an energy bar and a piece of fruit. These are really cheap and you can even pick them up on your way to your lectures by dropping into the Roots Grocery Store.

8:50 am: Leave to seminars. I was lucky enough to have my best friend live in Bluebell, which is right next to Roots, so I would meet him and we would walk together to our lectures.

9 am: Lecture !! Study !! Learn !!

11am: Eat. I recall my Monday 9 ams would last two hours (Spanish Grammar for two hours on a Monday 9 am? Yup), so afterwards I would be starving. I often went to the Bread Oven to grab myself a quick meal deal as the sandwiches there are delicious.

12 am: Lecture !! Study !! Learn !!

1 pm: Societies. I was part of AIESEC (a really great society that you should check out if you want to be involved with working and volunteering abroad), and on Mondays I would have a one hour meeting with our team. I feel that being part of at least one society is a must-do at university, as it is a great way to meet new people and not only learn new skills, but also learn about yourself. I joined a ton of societies at the start of the year and really enjoyed delving into each one, and seeing what I preferred. It sparked some great interested and I have even picked up some activities as hobbies.

2 pm: Gym. I tried to exercise as much as possible, as I feel that it really helps my concentrating when I am studying. Some days I would only go on the treadmill for half an hour, but other times I would follow a set workout routine that I had found online. Alternatively, going to classes is a great way to feel motivated and follow through with staying active. In some ways, booking a class forces you to attend it as it makes it more of a solid plan than just a ‘I ought to go to the gym sometime’. Being in a class is also motivating and encouraging as there are others there too!

4 pm: Study. I would often study before this time, like after my 9 am class or before going to the gym, but I really do enjoy studying in the late afternoon/evening. I have already blogged about the best places to study on campus which you can find here : https://studentblogs.warwick.ac.uk/french4/entry/best_study_places/

7 pm: Eat. As a uni student, you’ll find that meals are no longer at a set time. In my family household, we would have lunch and supper at set times, and that would be that. No snacks in between, no meals later than 8 pm. Yet as a uni student, it’s all sails aboard and you’re having carbs after 7 pm and your main meal at 2 am after a night out. Absolute chaos. You’ll probably end up eating out of the frying man you made your meal in too, because one of your flatmates has stolen your one and only plate (DISCLAIMER: this is probably in reference to third term. During your first term your flatmates tend to respect basic human rights of ownership).

8 pm: Study some more. No time for slacking, you need this degree.

9 pm: Get convinced to go on a night out. On Mondays, we go to Kasbah. This is a club in Coventry and you’re able to get the UniExpress there. It’s best to buy tickets online, but you’ll find all of this out when you come to Warwick. However, if you want me to write a blog post about the most popular student clubs, I’d be happy to do so.

10 pm: Prinks. Your kitchen will be filled with the likes of the flat downstairs, people from Roots that are at every sesh, the whole of the rower team, maybe one or two people from your course, and a bunch of randomers that would have just turned up. This is completely normal, trust me.

11 pm: Rush to the Uniexpress!! I have had some of my favourite Warwick memories from the Uniexpress before going out clubbing. You’re all freshers, you’re all high-spirited (take that as you will), and you’re all singing along to some HSM2 bangers.

And that’s where I’m going to end the day! I hope that you all enjoyed this insight, and please remember that this is just an example of one of my days, and yours might be totally different and that’s completely fine!

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