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A Day in the Life of a 4th Year Languages Student

7.28: Unintentionally wake up two mins before the alarm because you abhor the sound of the alarm so much. Turn off alarm. Alternatively, hear your chirpy flatmates flit round the house and resign yourself to being awake.

7.45: Remember how to use your legs. Get up. Trundle downstairs for a bowl of porridge. Watch the hamster (we don’t have a TV).

8.30: Waddle reluctantly to a 9am sports class. Envy the girl squatting in front with incredible muscles.

10.00: Waltz arrogantly into a lecture, freshly pumped from le sport. Listen to Freudian theories about literature in the 18th century. Slide into the seminar part of the lesson one hour later. Hope that other people in your group have some ideas too.

12.00: Boogie into a language class. Think you understand the difference between the pluperfect and the present perfect tense. Scrabble through some worksheets.

13.00: Trot over to Rootes for a chicken burger/trudge to Bar Fusion and wait in the queue to microwave your homemade broth/bump into friends and chill in library cafe. Procrastinate by spending some time considering where to work this afternoon. Uni house? Nice and quiet. Library? Will see someone I know and need to actually work. Rootes Learning Grid? Hard to find a seat. TRC? Not feeling sociable. Uni house it is.

14.00-17.00: Do essay class homework. Think about dinner. Do sustainability module reading. Think about the rainbow and what could be over it. Do research for an essay. Think about whether or not I actually need to fill up my water bottle or if I just want to get up to unpick my wedgie. Book a sports class for next week. Decide the hunger is too great and lollop home.

17.00: Have a cup of tea with flatmates upon arrival. Send some emails. Plan outfit for the languages ball. Using the remaining vegetables from the weekly organic shop delivery, create an unusual culinary masterpiece which your flatmates are suspicious of but only because they are secretly jealous of your mad skillz.

20.00: Consider doing some language work. Watch Twilight with flatmates instead. Intermittently watch the hamster. Feel bad that didn’t do language work. Chat to boyfriend about the day.

22.00: Debate with flatmates whether or not it is acceptable to go to bed before 10. Go to bed.


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