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A Day as a Hispanic Studies Student

Ok so for this post I thought I would do something a little different. I thought I would try and give you a true insight into the life of a Hispanic Studies student by giving you a run through of one of my days this week…

Wednesday 5/02/14


Wake up. Today I have a 9am. Wahh. Although this lecture is one I actually find really interesting and enjoy, I am not going to lie, getting up at this hour kills me. Looking back to my school days, I cannot honestly understand how I managed to wake up religiously at 6:15am every day in order to make it into school on time?! Anyway, I could probably get up even later that this but the truth is, I am just not a morning person and I can assure you it takes me a good deal of time just to function in the morning without factoring in the time it takes to gulp down some Weetabix, wash up (yes a little ocd right there), prepare a full face of make-up, collect my things together and other general time-wasting that seems to happen.


Still not left yet. How?! This happens every time and I just don’t know how I manage to do this…


Ok a little late and out of breath from speed walking across campus and legging it up 3 flights of the pretty steep steps of Ramphal Building but at least I make it. This class is for my Hispanic Studies literature module called Language, Text and Identity in the Hispanic World. In this class we spend the two hours discussing some of the short stories of the Cuban writer Guillermo Cabrera Infante.


Lecture/seminar/class or whatever you want to call it finishes. Being a language student, our classes are generally so small that there is not differentiation between lectures or seminars so we generally just call it ‘class.’ I actually really like this aspect of the course as it’s a lot more intimate and personal, meaning that everyone knows each other and can generally just discuss and talk about things freely.


Italian language class. This is over in humanities and essentially an hour grammar lesson before which I quickly eat a banana to stop my stomach from rumbling as by this time, I’m beginning to get pretty hungry.


I am officially finished for the day. I go home and heat up some soup for lunch and have a cup of tea. I make my bed after resisting the temptation to get back into it and finish all the referencing on an Italian Literature essay I can now finish and submit. I then try and get through some Spanish grammar work due for tomorrow. I have to admit this has become the bane of my life, although I am sure I will be grateful for as much practise as possible, (especially as it looks like I will be spending half of next year in Chile), we get set sooo much language work!!

…I should probably add that during all of this a lot of procrastination is happening…


At this time I normally go to the gym for an hour or so, but today my flat mate asks me whether I want to go for a run outside whilst the sun is shining for once. I get ready and we leave.


We leave for our run.


We return. We end up running all the way to Kenilworth Castle, around the river and back to campus. Phewf I’m exhausted. I have a shower and then reply to some messages from my new virtual exchange partner in Colombia; a programme which has recently been set up for us. Each of us Hispanic Studies students in my language class have been assigned a partner in Colombia which we must keep in contact with and Skype once a week for an hour (us talking in Spanish and them in English), keeping a record of the experience as part of our e-portafolio (which reminds me I still haven’t started!) So much to do, so little time… Actually as of this week, we have all been given the opportunity to start up another exchange as well; this time with students in Ecuador!This is something I also need to get sorted!!


Kenilworth Castle


I start making dinner.



Lasagna and Salad

Finish eating dinner, waste some time on Facebook and just chatting to people in the kitchen and begin to get ready for pre-drinks taking place in our neighbouring flat for a friend’s birthday.


A couple of seriously crazy few hours…

1899986_1***** *** ***_1143423196_n.jpg


… and cake…



POP. Yes Wednesday nights mean POP at the SU. I must admit, this is probably my least favourite night out (some seeeriously cheddar cheese in terms of music) buut nevertheless POP it is.


Return home. Starving. Some people go to costcutter for food, I make myself some cereal and fruit (something I do every night- again probably another case ocd) and an hour later we are still sitting in the corridor.



My 3:00am shower. It has become a bit of an ongoing joke now because whenever we come home from a night out, whatever the time or circumstances, I have to shower before getting into bed.


Collapse into bed.

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