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6 Tips On How To Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

Around this time 2 years ago, I was struggling through my first drafts of my personal statement – trying desperately to pack as much as I could in just 4000 characters and convince universities that I was a student they wanted.

It took me 10 drafts.

Also, I had absolutely no work experience – an important factor that could change the tone of your statement completely. But I still managed to get offers from 4 universities and an interview from Oxford.

So I wanted to share some tips on how to make your personal statement stand out and I have 6! These are specific to Law but you can apply these tips to almost any course.

Also, if you’re thinking of applying to Law and are not sure about the degree – here are some books that will not only look great on your personal statement, but will also help make your decision on whether Law is right for you:

– Letters to a Law Student by Nicholas J McBride – The Law Machine by Marcel Berlins & Clare Dyer – Learning the Law by Glanville Williams – What About Law? Studying Law at University by Catherine Barnard, Janet O’Sullivan & Graham Virgo

Hope this helped and good luck with your UCAS applications!

– Rana

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